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America, January 5, 1999

Family is Always First

All my sisters and me, we are family!

When I lived in Florida, I would write to my extended family on occasion. Sometimes they would write me back, and we would correspond for a while. Over time, our conversations would die out either when one party moved and a address was lost, or when the topic of the first letter was exhausted. I have to admit that I was not the best correspondent then. When I went away to college, I learned how to write a bit more often, sending letters to all the interesting people I met during my travels. I still didn't write my family all that much, though I did keep in touch through the family grapevine.

The "lost" cousin This adventure has really brought my family out of the woodwork, and amazed me in the quality and quantity of correspondence I can have with them. I received letters from relatives I had written in the past, but who had never written me before. I also wrote to realities who I had never written before too. I think that is ne of the great legacies of the Peace Corps experience, that I did something so exciting, my relatives deemed it necessary to write. I hope, now that I am not in the program any more, that living in Russia will keep them interested.

Sean, the "lost" cousin, in Australia today.

This web site has also played a big role in getting my relatives connected. The site was one of the reasons one of my uncles decided to get connected to the internet, and I regained contact with a "lost" cousin in Australia too. I am trying to convince another uncle to get a internet account, and I am researching other members of my family for connections. I try to send out a weekly email to all my friends and family, updating them on my life and circulating news, which usually winds up here as some sort of new page. I will try to spend a bit of time this winter writing letters to all the people who do not have email and I hope to start a bit of a postal equivalent of the email chain I have now.

I am happy, though a bit perplexed ,that I had to travel to the other side of the world to bring my family closer together.

America, January 4, 1999

Twenty Years in Vero!

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