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Russia, September 28, 1999

Russian Remonts

With all the dust and notice, you'd forget there is a crisis on!

Yikes!Its 9am on a Saturday morning, and I am wide awake. I was not planning on being in this state, at this hour on a Saturday, but the sound of a pneumatic chisel hitting the pipes that run by my bed was hard to ignore. My housemates and I are in the vortex of the Moscow living curse, remonting.

All over this city, in more apartments than I can imagine, the new wealth of Moscow is showing itself in the apartments of the lucky and the smart. The New Russians are buying big, roomy, but dilapidated apartments in the center of the city. Once they have an apartment with a great view and tons of room, they gut the apartment to the very support structure. All is tossed, from the worn doors to the beautiful Soviet furniture, and its replaced with the best that Russian kitsch can produce.

A bit of a mess!

Granted that the Russian may not have a lifetime of IKEA exposure to orient them to good taste, but usually the remonts are not even close to good taste. Unfortunately, our apartment is no exception. We have wall to wall carpets covering beautiful wood floors, bedroom walls covered in full-length mirrors, and a budeau in the bathroom! A little over the top, but at least its not like some apartments I've seen where a waterfall in the living room is the center of attention.

HmmmSo now, I have two new neighbors. An interesting young couple bought the apartment below us, and so far they have torn out the entire inside of the apartment, and now are building an amazing love nest. I haven't seen the inside since it was a shell, but I have glimpsed the arches and such they are building. The apartment on the other side of the podyez is also under remont, for the Director of a large Moscow company whose name I forgot. In his apartment, the workers are cutting a hole in the wall to make a balcony! Gotta love people with more money than they know what to do with.

Remonted all the way to the superstructure!

All this remonting is doing an interesting thing to the real estate market. The price of large, unfurnished apartments climbs steadily, while the price of remonted apartments drops. Seems everyone wants to have their own styled apartment, and are unwilling to pay for someone else's dream pad.

Ok, they have started banging on the pipes again. I can't take this at 9 in the morning, but I am not about to follow in my housemate's thoughts and actually ask, "I wonder what the laws are on when to start working?" This is Russia!

Russia, September 21, 1999

Stop Theif!

Someone stole my car! Los Angeles Times September 21, 1998 In Russia, Stealing Is a Normal Part of Life Crime: Theft has become integral to the 'privatization' of state property. By Richard C. Paddock, Times Staff Writer ARKHANGELSK, Russia--Drunk and desperate, Pavel Araslanov climbed to the top of a power...

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Russia, September 13, 1999

Almost Worth Staying For

Don't be fooled, Irkutsk isn't all that, but the fish from Lake Bikal are! Breathtaking beauty Taking a break from the bikes Around the globe on a Honda Thanks, but Tetons are nicer No, use this thing-a-majig Cooking for the masses All we need are french-frys! Note the size! As...

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Offshore Your Rubles in Swiss Accounts

Why not put your IMF loot in the safest banks in the world? Every wealthy Russian has at least one, if not a few, a Swiss bank account to hide all the cash they ship out of Russia on a daily basis. I didn't know how widespread this was until...

Russia, August 31, 1999

Russian Women

You gotta love those Russian women! Oh, please look at me! Show me that belly button! Lidya stole my heart! Cleaning the streets with twigs Your grandma look like this? I hate to choose! She'll love you for your mind Straight from a porn video Ice, Ice, baby! Not Russia,...

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Russia, August 12, 1999

You Can Buy Anything in a Russian Kiosk!

You can buy ANYTHING in a Russian Kiosk! Ya want some magazines? Beer? Chips? CD's? Stereo? Furniture? Airline tickets? Well you can get all that, and a whole lot more shopping by kiosk in Moscow! Due to the expense and immobility of opening a store, Moscow was invaded by kiosks...

Russia, August 10, 1999

What Did Russians Eat Before Potaotes?

Its dangerous to farm on a dacha The Times (UK) August 10 1999 Why Russian plots lead to potato knifings By Richard Beeston Borodino - A few miles from one of the epic battles of Russian history, a smaller but equally violent struggle for survival is under way, pitting Russian...

Russia, August 9, 1999

Nothing Like a Birch Branch Beating!

What to do in Kazan if you have two-day travel dirt on ya Nice benches to the left What I wandered to The Tartars showing off Enjoying the sunshine You could say I was feeling a little dirty earlier today. I'd left Moscow, for the last time, on Monday, and...

Russia, August 5, 1999

Anything Can Be Scrap Metal

Nothing like stripping the copper out of live electrical wires HELLO RUSSIA SCRAPS FEVER By Alexander Samoiloff In 1999 a chronic Russian disease of non-ferrous metals theft has grown up into the real fever. The problem is that impoverished Russian people steal non-ferrous metal parts for selling at a low...

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Russia, August 4, 1999

Serious Soviet Pollution

Polution Central August 4, 1999, AFP via Johnson's Russia List Russia's Karabash: A town with the air of death about it KARABASH, Russia, - The town of Karabash in the Russian Urals has the unpleasant distinction, according to the United Nations, of being one of the most polluted places on...

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Russia, August 2, 1999

Day-Tripping Around the Garden Ring

A wandering around the Golden Ring of cities that surround Moscow, Russia Locals cooling off A peaceful view I am in awe More xram's than Jerusalem Last weekend, Lidia and I drove out to the Golden Ring, a group of classically beautiful cities surrounding Moscow, that date from the beginning...

Russia, July 29, 1999

The Russian Poezd

The only way to travel in the CIS There are a few Russian experiences that I only dream about having in America, the Poezd is one of them. Beyond the hassle of getting a ticket, the Poezd beats any form of transportation in America. Poezd = Train There are several...

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Russia, July 28, 1999

Yeltsin's Family

He's no trick Bear Obshchaya Gazeta22-28 July 1999 The Big Kremlin Family: Anatomy and Physiology of the Yeltsin Family By Yelena Dikun: In Russia, few people do not know that the Yeltsin Family rules our country. According to popular tradition, this is the highest institution of power--higher than the President...

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Russia, July 27, 1999

Soviet Photography

As you can tell from my website, bring your camera! The Kodak Revolution happened in Russia sometime about 1992. That means that there is a Kodak sign every block in Moscow, indicating a store that will sell you color film and develop your photos. This is an amazing feat. Before...

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Russia, July 26, 1999

Happy Times in HTML Hell

The joys of coding HTML in the wilds of Russia When we were innocent What a little coding will do The Setup: Over the past two years, I've changed my website design twice to accommodate the site's continuing content growth and my continuing html education. I have the feeling it...

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Russia, July 25, 1999

Road Runners Rule!

How to live on $5 a month in Russia November 6, 1998, Reuters News Service Russians survive on as little as $5 a month By Adam Tanner STAVROPOL, Russia, - Yuliya Simenyak, a full-time secretary who makes out the schedules at the local university, earns 90 roubles ($5.50) a month,...

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Russia, July 22, 1999

Piva is Good!

The only way to travel in the CIS: Drunk! Boston Globe July 22, 1999 In Russia, an alcohol revolution brewing By David Filipov MOSCOW - Elvira the country singer serves up a refreshing glass of "Chuvash Bouquet," known for its apple-like aftertaste. Next door, Igor from the Volga unleashes heavy...

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Russia, July 19, 1999

A Subaka Says What?

A exploration of the differences in Russian and America animal sounds Having a chat with Margo Saturday, as Lidia and I were driving to her dacha, I stuck my head out her window and started barking at a dog (subaka) in the car beside us. As your intelligent, verbally oriented...

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Russia, July 15, 1999

Soviet Swimming

A country of lakes & rivers, and Russians can't swim 15 July, 1999 Going Swimming By Nick Everything here is the same. No new crisis's, plenty of food and very few terrorist bombings. The weather is extremely hot and probably set a heat record. Many people drowned each weekend in...

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Russia, July 12, 1999

Manly Russian Men

Why do you think all the Russian women want American husbands? There is a Peace Corps joke about the difference between the Russian men and women. When (not if) the male PCV's would run out of the dozen condoms that the Peace Corps issued to us, they could simply ask...

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And Peter is a Distant Second

Like St Petersburg can compare to Massive Moscow! Kazan Cathedral Time for a Taste Test! You find a remonted window! Laura looking into the future There are many city rivalries in this world, New York vs. Los Angeles, London vs. Paris, Singapore vs. Hong Kong, but none I find as...

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Russia, July 7, 1999

Invest in Russia?!

You'll have better luck at the casinos! December 29, 1998 Associated Press Foreign Investment in Russia Drops MOSCOW -- Direct foreign investment in Russia plummeted this year to $2 billion, half its level in 1997, an Economics Ministry official said Tuesday, quoted by a news agency. The numbers reflected investors'...

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Russia, July 5, 1999

The Zen of the Line

Some days it actually pays to wait in line I took the hydrofoil instead And this is an orderly line The day before I left I my journey along the Volga River cities, my friend Dave asked me how I felt to be traveling all the time. I know his...

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Russia, June 28, 1999

But He Went by the Name of Lenin

A visit to beginning of it all: Lenin's home town Lenin in his Red Period Hide from the storm in a cafe At least the tramvai is close In the late 1800's, a young man came into the world by the name of Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov in the town of...

Russia, June 21, 1999

That Looks Just Like My Dom

I never could find my way around Toglatti! One small part of the factory See any similarities? Pick one, any one And not just cars either! Sometime in the 1600's a city was founded on the shores of the Volga River, just down a bit from where I am sitting....

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Russia, June 19, 1999

Russian Adoptions by the Dozen

Aren't those Russia kids so cute! Every time I catch a flight outta Russia, I am amazed at the number of screaming babies I share the flight with. KLM even has a waiting list for the baby carriages on its 16:30 Moscow-Amsterdam flight because so many infants are in line...

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Russia, June 14, 1999

Internet Cafes Are Everywhere

Those bits and bytes are everywhere! Today I am in Toglatti, Russia's version of Detroit, where the AvtoVaz factory produces over 50% of the cars sold in Russia. Tomorrow I am to leave for the birthplace of Lenin, Olyanysk, but I am a little sad. After searching for the last...

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Going to See Mama Russia

Odd, the battle for Stalingrad was fought in Volgagrad! Ain't Miss Kyiv Pretty? Ain't Volgagrad ugly? Powerful, eh? All that was left. The Wall of Names I'd heard stories about her and I'd even seen pictures of her, but I really wanted to see Mother Russia for myself. Mother Russia...

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Russia, June 8, 1999

Going to the Movies

Your seat is assigned, but you can drink a beer Tonight I went to the movies! I saw the new Lolita at the Moscow Theatre near the Moscow Zoo. The experience was quite familiar. It was a "normal" theatre and the movie was in English, with whispering in my native...

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Russian Visas

The hardest part about your trip: the VISA! June 8, 1999 The Moscow Times Dante's Inferno in Visa Line By Daisy Sindelar Anyone who has ever wasted time wondering what form his or her eternal damnation might take has obviously never stood in a Russian visa line. These lines appear...

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Russia, June 7, 1999

Eta Notebook Batteria, Durak!

The joys of finding computer parts in Russia My Office Ooo vacuume tubes! Its about that time. My laptop battery is so old and so used, that it is dying a slow and painful death. I cannot turn on my laptop without AC power anymore, and then when I do...

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Russia, June 5, 1999

Fidelity is Not a Brokerage

Are you more a man with her than your wife and kids? This past week I returned to Moscow, hanging with Lidia while she studied for her ACCA accounting exams. The whole time I've been trying to figure out what to write about since I pretty much wrote myself out...

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Russia, May 31, 1999

Soviet Suburban Living

I was hoping to escape suburbia when I left the States! Oh the variety! See any similarities? What a view! And I've been here! But never here. I've always hated the suburbs. I spent too many years living in the suburbs of a small city in Florida to ever want...

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Russia, May 20, 1999

Taking the tramvai

Trains in the city? In Russia, YES! I've never really figured out why Russia has such a fascination with the tramvai, electric trains that run on steel tracks imbedded in the street. First off, the ride is rough, with each bump in the tracks magnified by the big steel wheels,...

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Russia, May 19, 1999

Cash Transfers Across Russia

I love to get Cash Transfers in Russia! How many times a month do you write a check? I used to write a least two a month, to satisfy those gracious gentlemen holding my student loan and those quick-to-late-fee credit card sharks. Now that I paid off my student loans...

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Russia, April 26, 1999

Time to go...

I left PricewaterhouseCoopers in a daze, and Moscow in haze. On with life! The Finance Crew Paka Ladies! Bye, Bye Moscow! Well here I am, sitting at work with not a thing to do. I guess this is the result of good planning and smart delegation. Why should I be...

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Russia, April 20, 1999

Do Your Spring Cleaning Now!

When Yuri Lushkov says it's spring, Mother Nature listens! BEFORE AFTER It is officially spring in Moscow now. Even though all the snow is finally melted, and there isn't a threat of more for another four months, the trees are starting to bud, and the first mini skirt of spring...

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Russia, April 19, 1999

Reclama Nation

Now, not even Russia is free from Coke commercials! The Horror! The Horror A bit over the line Not even beachgoers are free! Over the last few days, I've watched an interesting structure take shape on the plaza near my house. At first, workers welded together a large metal triangle,...

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Russia, April 14, 1999

Russians Do Tours

Take a tour and expect the Russians to be there! Yeah, you can call me a traveler, I take it as a compliment. I haven't traveled to all that many countries, but when I do leave the house I try to really get into the lives of the people I...

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Russia, April 12, 1999

Going Local

The wonders and wilds of dating a Russian lady The one and only Lidya! A close-up above Ulyanovsk At least I'm taller! Mmmm.. tongue! I've gone and done what I promised myself I'd never do; I've gone local. Now, all my friends though I was insane for not dating the...

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Russia, April 7, 1999

Pecktopan = Restaurants

You don't want to eat at home again?? Alisar Russian dining is always an adventure, even if your actually in the Ukraine! Last night, is a good example. As my friend John and I were looking though Kyiv's guides to nightlife, we came across two entries for Middle Eastern food....

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Yevgeniy Primakov, Who?

Do YOU think Yevgeniy Primakov will be the next president? Obshchaya Gazeta, April 1-7, 1999 "A Heavy Locomotive in the Acceleration Phase; a Rough Psychological Sketch of Yevgeniy Primakov" By Vladimir Vasilyev, head of Political Psychology Laboratory, St. Petersburg State University: "Image is nothing, thirst is everything," the advertising slogan...

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Russia, April 5, 1999

101 Reasons Why NATO's War Sucks

101 Reasons why NATO's war sucks. April 8 - 21, 1999 the eXile 101 Reasons Why NATO's War Sucks By Mark Ames & Matt Tabbi 1. Now the Russians have one of our Stealth planes. 2. It wouldn't have seemed possible a few months ago, but this war has given...

Russia, March 30, 1999

A State Secrect: Women's Ages

Not even the KGB knew a woman's age in Russia Women always like flowers! Go ahead, guess! Worldwide it is impolite to ask a woman's age, but up to a certain year, somewhere in the 40's, a woman will reveal her age to friends without shame. In Russia, a woman's...

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Russia, March 29, 1999

Russians Blew up the US Embassy!

Safety is high on the minds of everyone these dayz The usual mess Ok, so Boris, you hold that end while Sveta, here, will test the rocket with the safety on. Nothing. Ok, .now with the safety off.. Spring (and Easter) is here! Life goes on for the kids How...

Russia, March 22, 1999

It's Dacha Time Again

Spring is here cuz it is Dacha Time again! A little early for the beach The fearless crew... Snow is still on the ground, the trees are still brown, and I still haven't seen the first mini-skirt of spring, but the 1999 Dacha Season started this weekend! Yesterday I went...

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Russia, March 20, 1999

I Love Me a Starlite Diner

If you visit Moscow, you will wind up here at least once! Ya know that scene in Pulp Fiction, where John Travolta and Uma Thurmon are sitting in JackRabbit Slim's, and Uma orders the "Five Dollar Shake"? Remember how Travolta was shocked at the price, then tried the shake, and...

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Russia, March 16, 1999

Anything Goes at Night

With this kinda night life, why wake up before midnight? Getting warmed up... warmer.. starting to cook.. coming up to a boil.. err, peaking... and burnt. Ah, the night life of Moscow! As far as I can tell that is the main reason quite a number of expats stay here...

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Russia, March 15, 1999

Yesho Piedesat Gram Vodkoo

How to drink a liter of Vodka and still make it to work. I swear this was the only time! Teaching Flat Jon a few bad habits Those who lead the way Another one down the hatch Wow, what a night! I've just come home from a night of fun...

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Shock Thearpy

One way to get rid of 70 years of communism Johnson's Russia List 15 March 1999 This article was originally published in the english edition of ETC's special issue on Russia (ETC english edition No 1, 1999). To order copies of ETC magazine, please write to The Art of...

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Russia, March 11, 1999

IMF & Reform

The bigger the organization and the bigger the mistake, the less you hear. 11 March 1999, Johnson's Russia List Ivan Denisovich By Ray Finch David, an acquaintance, Ivan Denisovich, asked that you print this letter. Dear Mr. Camdessus, Have you ever built a brick wall? If you want the wall...

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Russia, March 9, 1999

Zoos Should Be for Politicans

Never go to a Russian Zoo! Chicago Tribune 9 March 1999 TROUBLED RUSSIAN ZOO, APE GET TV, NEED VCR By Colin McMahon, Tribune Foreign Correspondent. ST. PETERSBURG, Russia - Do not be too harsh with Monika. The female orangutan at the Leningrad Zoopark is a bit overweight. And yes, it...

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Russia, March 8, 1999

There Was Giligan, And the Skipper Too

How much fun a room full of expats can have on a Thursday night My escort into Expat Hell Me wondering why I went? We agreed to meet at 7:30 pm, but I knew her history of tardiness, so I told her to be there by 7:35 pm or I...

Russia, March 7, 1999

The Regions Exist?

If you live in Russia, but outside of Moscow, do you exsist? Newsday March 7, 1999 Russia's Inner Struggle / Federal government losing its authority over regions By Michael Slackman. Krasnodar, Russia - Winding their way through backroads, often waiting until nightfall to make the journey, drivers with pockets stuffed...

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Russia, March 6, 1999

Do You Believe the Media?

The press is free, if you happen to own the presses. Baltimore Sun November 21, 1998 Shutdown: Government officials silence a television broadcast By Kathy Lally MOSCOW -- It was the middle of another tumultuous day. One Russian region threatened to secede, three secret police officers gave a press conference...

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Russia, March 4, 1999

What is Russian Feminism?

You think the women are feminine or feminist? Don't let the title fool you, this is not about Russian "feminism," the word does not have the same meaning here, but it is more about Western women's response to what Russian women consider a "feminine" role in society. A smart young...

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Russia, March 3, 1999

Russian Music Rocks

Everyone sings along, and there are a few you wish didn't! The music scene in Russia is like nothing I've ever seen before. There is an amazing amount of amateurs (but not amateurish) music here. In every metro station, someone is playing a musical instrument or singing and they are...

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Russia, March 2, 1999

Bye Bye Fast Food

Without Dunkin Donuts, I'm outta here! March 2, 1999, Asociated Press via Johnson's Russia List Dunkin' Donuts Leaves Moscow RANDOLPH, Mass. (AP) -- Add doughnuts to the list of victims of Russia's economic crisis. Dunkin' Donuts, the Randolph, Mass.-based doughnut and coffee chain, has closed its two shops in Moscow....

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Russia, February 28, 1999

Yest Klooch?

The key to the universe was lost! Monday is the perfect day to discuss the Russian klooch problem. Klooch is "key" in Russian, and they are valued even more than money here. Last Friday, my housemate Ann, had to sleep at a friends and I had to kick in our...

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Russia, February 27, 1999

Addicts Are Addictive

Shooting up in the CIS Boston Globe, 27 February 1999 Russia faces a new cold war - soaring drug use 3 million addicts, many of them youths, caught in a$2b industry By David Filipov ST. PETERSBURG - From her seat in the corner of the bar, Kseniya scans the clients,...

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Russia, February 24, 1999

Racism in Russia Too

Racism in Russia Russia has to be the most racist country I have lived in. In winter, when I have a beard, I am routinely stopped for document checks to see if I am a Chechen or not. Boris Nemsov, a leading Russian politician, and once governor of Nizhy Novogord,...

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Russia, February 22, 1999

An Education in Russian Politics

You think you know a bit about Russian Politics? ha! As I read this on Johnson's Russia List (JRL), I couldn't help but be amazed at how accurate these guys were, way before we all knew the truth. I know the article is long, but its worth reading every word...

Russia, February 21, 1999

Orphans Are Lonely

The real loosers in the 'new russia' December 16 (AFP) via Johnson's Russia List Street kid numbers soaring in Russia MOSCOW - Homeless and hungry, life for 14-year-old Yury Krekovetsky in Moscow is no easy street. But the adolescent would still rather take his chances in the Russian capital than...

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Russia, February 19, 1999

Making Bliny

My favorite Russian food! February 19, 1999 Reuters, via Johnson's Russia List Pagan pancake fest readies Russia for Lent By Peter Henderson MOSCOW - One is a blin, two are bliny and any of the famous pancakes cooked by a real Russian grandmother are delicious. That becomes clear to millions...

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Nasty Newspapers

And you though America had Yellow Journalism! 19 February 1999 Johnson's Russia List Stop the Presses! By Andrew Miller in St. Petersburg No American who spends any appreciable length of time in Russia, far from the "madding crowd," can avoid being impressed by Russian literacy: the affinity for books displayed...

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Russia, February 16, 1999

#51 If you get the jokes

Fifty (50) easy ways to tell if it is time to leave Russia Look closely now You know you have been in Russia too long when.... You have to think twice about throwing away the empty instant coffee jar. You carry a plastic shopping bag with you 'just in case.'...

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Russia, February 15, 1999

Sick as a Dog

I do NOT recommend getting sick in Russia! Another time I was sick They better be working! Toes are not that clean.. Oh, am I sick! I have a fever of 101 F, I am sweating like a pig, yet I have crazy chills, and I feel better if the...

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Russia, February 8, 1999

Those Crazy Russians

What Russians can do with a space station and a bottle of vodka. I wanted to write an introduction to this article, but there isn't much to do aside from wondering how many vodka shots it takes to dream up something like this. The Guardian February 3, 1999 Russia's giant...

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Russia, February 1, 1999

An Open Road Ahead

It is time for me to get the hell outta Dodge! Another beautiful winter day Summer sailing More Moscow Moscow Nights I'm leaving the seal for good! Well I've gone and done it now! I know I've said it too many times, that it was about time for a change,...

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Russia, January 31, 1999

Iron Felix

The Mad Muscle behind the Mad Mind December 20, 1998, Reuters Russia's secret policemen celebrate anniversary By Alastair Macdonald MOSCOW - Russia's secret police and spy agencies, marking the 81st anniversary on Sunday of their founding during the Bolshevik revolution, lamented what they called past tragedies and pledged to defend...

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You Can Buy (Almost) Anything in a Market

Where the best (and cheapest) produce in Russia is for sale There are three types of places to buy food and such in Russia, "Western" stores, Russian stores, and open air markets. The cost drops significantly as you move away from the white tile floors and polite staff of the...

Russia, January 29, 1999

Education Makes Elections Happen

The fun of molding young Russian minds Russia Today January 29, 1999 The Politics of Education By Rod Pounsett Russian politicians know that education and the future of the younger generation will be a key factor in country's next elections -- both parliamentary and presidential. For instance, it will be...

Russia, January 26, 1999

Ice Cream in Winter

You ain't close to Russian until you eat ice cream in Winter! My favorite! On the way home this afternoon, while the -8C wind blew past me, I got the urge to participate in a strange Russian custom, eating ice cream on the street, year around. When I first arrived...

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Russia, January 25, 1999

Superstitions Are Sneaky

Never set and empty bottle on the table! One rainy morning, I walked into the office and was shocked to see a secretary opening her umbrella inside. I am not that superstitious of a man, but I do not open an umbrella inside, walk under a ladder, or forget to...

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The Adventures of Flat Jon

Flat Jon and I took a tour of the cool Russian capital: Moscow Flat Jon on Red Square Flat Jon at the Bolshoi Flat Jon learning new customs On Wednesday, an odd fellow showed up at my office from Brookside, New Jersey. I've never been to Brookside, and I couldn't...

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Russia, January 21, 1999

Ice Fishing in Sibera

Rain, snow, or sleet, they fish 24/7 here! 21 January 1999, The Moscow Times Ice-Anglers Be Warned: Minivans Do Not Float By Russell Working In a northern suburb of Vladivostok, next to a forlorn little amusement park where carnival music blares over the empty skating rink even on the bitterest...

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Death is Painful in Any Culture, Anywhere.

Death is painful in any culture, anywhere. Yesterday, in the middle of an overwhelmingly busy day, I received an email that stopped me in my tracks. My friend's mother had died. Actually, I'm not sure how Laura ranks in my life, or I in hers. After I spent a week...

Lenin is Alive

The Man behind all the Madness January 21, 1999, Itar-Tass News Agency "Russia Marks Lenin's Death Anniversary With Mixed Feelings;" By Andrey Yarushin, Olga Kostromina, Lyudmila Yermakova, Inna Zhukova MOSCOW -- The Russian Orthodox Church is extremely cautious about the interment of the embalmed body of Vladimir Lenin which has...

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Every Thing is Leaking

I can't stand the sound of running water! As I sit here typing this the sounding of a leaky faucet rings in my ears. If it ever stopped, the sound of the ever-running toilet would fill the void. In the bathroom, the tub faucet always runs, and the other toilet...

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Russia, January 20, 1999

New Russians

The scorge of the universe Moscow Times January 20, 1999 ESSAY: Tales of New Riches and Rags Rise From Past By Anatoly Korolyov At least once a year I try to get back to my Urals hometown, which is two hours from Moscow by plane or a day by train....

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Russia, January 18, 1999

Go Dollar!

Every day we watch the CBR rate and chear the dollar on! A dollar goes a long way here! Soaking up the success Picked in the forest for cash At least he has a bench I am so happy! With every kopeck the Ruble falls against the Dollar (now at...

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Russia, January 13, 1999

Corruption is Endemic

Who do you think taught the Latin Americans how to steal? Wednesday, January 13, 1999 Market Mobsters Show Art of Running Russia By Irina Glushchenko Have you ever been to Moscow's "Kashhky Dvor" market where building materials are sold? It is the largest market in the city, and there you...

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Russia, January 12, 1999

The Joe-Cool Moscow Crew

The Joe-Cool Moscow Crew So far, In Russia, I am on an 'A' list for housemates, Andrey, Ann, and Arthur, with the last two my current Partners in Crime. ANDREY Andrey and I lived together, more precisely he lived in the room next to mine in the communal apartment I...

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Taxes Will Find You

If you don't pay your Russian taxes, the boogie man will get you! The Moscow Times, January 12, 1999 Tax Police Go Online in Debt War By Yevgenia Borisova The tax police in the Leningrad region have set up a web site on which it has listed the tax debts...

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Russia, January 11, 1999

I'm Driven Mad

Only the mad and the ignorant drive in this country! Today, as I was being driven to a meeting, I pondered on the odd profession of being a driver in Russia. Unlike the West, where it is an occupation, something that occupies your time, here it is a profession, something...

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Holidays Last and Last

I love my twenty-five days of paid vaction! Moscow Times January 11, 1999 At Last, Holidays Approach An End By Julia Solovyova Staff Writer Holiday-weary Russians are nearing the finish line of their Christmas-to-New Year's marathon, with the normal workday rhythms of rush hour and open stores and offices returning...

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Russia, January 9, 1999

It's All About Location

The three rules of real estate: location, location, location! In America you have certain sections of the city designated for certain activities, ie: a shopping district, a residential zone, the factory area, but not here. In Russia, there will be a factory, apartment building, and a market right next to...

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Taxies Take You Everywhere

I love Russian taxis! Moscow has the world greatest metro system, but it is not always the most convenient. It can be a bit far to the closest station, with the last trains leaving the center of the city around 12:30 am, so an alternative transportation system exists. If you...

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Russia, January 6, 1999

Russian Religion Re-emerges

The godless nation finds the light The church is back! After 70 years of suppression and active discrimination, religion in Russia is making a comeback. Of course it is nowhere near as powerful as it was in pre-revolutionary times, but it is growing. In Moscow, the Russian Orthodox Church is...

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