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China, August 7, 2000

A Private Moment With Jingmei

A few pretty pictures and plenty of fun comments

This week, Jingmei and I are enjoying Shanghai, and if you don't mind, its a private affair. Enjoy these China photos, and I'll see ya next week.
Yep, Dave gets mad some dayz Beijing Yes dear, I told 'em we're shagging like rabbits!
Shut-up Dave! A happy Jingmei
The best view of Xi'an's smog and dirt Xi'an No marble fixtures if you ain't got running water
Mom tackles Xi'an's city walls Yes, hot baths are a luxury
Now that's how to take a curve in Chongdu Chongdu What else is there to do on a slow Tuesday?
Chinese tire changing Kids watching the show
Now you tell me why he's washing the mud! River Life Am I naked?  What do you think??
Mud washing takes skill Working on that tan!

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