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China, April 17, 2000

Scenes from the Neighborhood

You want photos? I'll give you photos!

Now that is low, low, overhead costs
Nice and cheap!
Watch out, I am about to make you sick, because I am about to tell you that I am so happy these days in China that I am finding it hard to write about anything amazing or extraordinary. This time around, I am used to the China bullshit that I was shocked by the first time. Also, after six months in "Asian Values" land, I am used to the unquestioning rule following. Now, I don't follow any rules, mind you, but I've accepted my neighbor's inability to be deviants.

With massive writer's block, I might as well show you the joys of digital camera ownership. Going with the fun of the Hong Kong photos, I recently shocked the neighborhood again, this time by cycling around with my digital camera. A new memory upgrade allows me to snap about 45 shots before I burn through a set of four AA's. Not all were worthy of uploading, but below is a decent sample of the going's-on in a random Beijing 'hood. Enjoy!

I've got a big bowl of steam for those noodles you wanted! Its the Chinese version of Dumb and Dumber! lucky his ass ain't hanging out of the butt slit in all kids clothes
Yeah, clean that wok! A new taxi experience Aww... kids!
If you can figure out what he's doing, please, dear god! tell me! look closely, its a bicycle stall! No, I don't have a clue what she's buying
Pray to the cabbage This plastic shit or that shit? Pick one, any one ya want

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