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America, October 18, 2004

2004 Day Planner: MIA

And the pox on he who has it now!

do I look happy?
I must accept it now. I cannot deny it any longer. My 2004 Day Planner is gone. A year's worth of entries, everything from activities, to apportionments, to account codes, gone. Private ruminations on my father's death, on job hunting, on the minutiae of life, gone. Even my lucky $2 bill, gone.

I have to accept it now. I cannot ignore it any longer. It's been two weeks since I lost it on the metro. I filed a claim on the WMATA Lost and Found site. I even went all the way out to Silver Spring to the actual Lost and Found office. They don't have my 2004 Day Planner. It is gone.

That means someone kept it, or worse, tossed it in the garbage. Why? It has no use, no value, no history for anyone else but me. And for me, its value is immeasurable. That's why my name & contact info was inside. Why I even wrote a promise of a reward if someone found it & returned it to me. Yet I've heard nothing. Not a call, not an email, not the book at my doorstep.

I wander lost through my day. I know not my bank accounts, my frequent flyer numbers, what I did last week, what happened in July. I feel as though a year was taken from me, a time I shall never get back. Gone.

At least I have this website, so there is some history of January to October 2004 for me. Some tangible evidence of my life, of my experiences, of existence beyond the memories bound in my mind. Still, this is public, and my 2004 Day Planner, that was more than a record of appointments, it was my diary too.

So now I must start anew, fresh, and with two months left, rebuild my 2004 life. That and curse whoever has it now. May you loose something dear to you too.

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That is sad to lose your writings and vital info. because a personal piece of you has vanished.

A sad loss but the answer is simple, post all your appointments etc on your blog, no more organiser to lose! Don't forget to post your frequent flyer codes/bank account details/passwords etc, life will become much easier an you will have no more money problems.

Wayan, it could be worse. i once borrowed a book from a friend, who said the book is of GREAT personal value, and that i should not lose it. i smiled in response, since i never had losing problems. eventually, the book was stolen together with a bag, in which i had the book. (the bag simply disappeared from the back of a chair in a not so crowded cafe). a promise of reawrd note sticked later in the bathroom did not help. the bag had no monetary value whatsoever - my wallet was not there! i e-mailed to my friend about unfortunate event. she was silent for a week and then said "i hope you find it." but i cant't !!!! i still feel horrible, and nothing can help... it is impossible to find a replacement... whatever happens, happens for the best?

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