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America, July 10, 2004

An El Paso Pool Party

Don't forget your sense of humor!

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Now it's a pool party, cuz here I am in the pool, fully clothed, with my new digital camera and swank cell phone getting soaked by the second. I jump out as fast as I can but both are on the blink. Damn!

I could say that I deserved this, as I was pushing people in the pool all afternoon, but was doing it differently. Unlike my cousin Mike, I only pushed in folks who were in bathing attire.

And then I also let them struggle a bit so they could warn me, like Mike did, that they had on delicate gear, or in Mike's case, his fancy boots. Finally, I usually joined them in falling into the pool, if only to make sure neither of us hit the side, unlike this spill where I hit my bad knee on the concrete rim.

Nuladna, my electronics are working again, so all is forgiven.

This afternoon and night was a blast, with more cousins than I could count all laughing, lounging, and loving the family fun here at Denee's house. It's a summer afternoon in El Paso and that means it's hot in the sun and cool in the pool.

And with all this family, there is always high drama and low comedy. Drama like Chicon falling over while dancing with his daughter and almost knocking her out or comedy like Victoria always closing her eyes or putting up her hand in photos, little Emma mugging for the camera, or Yvette dancing with her cell phone.

Mix this with tasty ceviche, cold Tecate, and warm friendships and you have my Tex/Mex Suburban Connection family. Now reload/refresh this page to get a whole new set of pool party photos or go to my Yahoo! Photos page to order your own.

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