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America, October 22, 2004

I Have (Another) New Job

This one I really, really, wanna keep!

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A halo of happiness
Just when you thought I could be fat and happy working for CEELI, I've up and quit. Why? Because on Monday I am starting a dream job, a job that combines my love of travel, my inner computer nerd, and my project management skills; manager of Geekcorps

Geekcorps, best described at Peace Corps for IT folks, sends highly skilled technology workers to foreign lands, mainly in Africa, to teach locals new skills and install cutting-edge technologies that, hopefully, produce a higher quality of life.

I first interviewed for the program manager job back in February 2003, while I was traveling through East Africa. From a sweaty Internet Cafe in Mombassa and all over Yahoo Messenger, both Geekcorps and I released that I would be the perfect guy to run the program.

The only drawback was the requirement that I move to a small town in Western Massachusetts. Being a city kid, I cried when I told them I couldn't live there. They promised to call if the job ever came to Washington, and now it has.

Geekcorps is a division of IESC and they've moved to Washington DC, consolidating all their divisions in a sleek office overlooking McPherson Square. I'll be there Monday too, ready to start tossing people on planes to Senegal.

Wanna go? Know the difference between 802.11g and IPv6? Then email me!

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sounds interesting.. cheers and can't wait to hear your stories and adventures.

nice. wish you best of luck. hope nice events do not stop occuring in your life.

Congratulations! May you enjoy the Geekcorps even more than CEELI!

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