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America, April 1, 2004

I'm Gonna Work for Google!

Yeah Baby! I am back in the big leagues now!

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Now you know I've been looking long and hard for a job, a good job in Washington DC where I can apply my background in finance and technology to help domestic and/or international nonprofits achieve their missions more efficiently.

While I've had many informational interviews and even two real interviews, none of the meetings led to employment. No, it was late nights spent shopping at suburban malls where I made the connection.

Last night, while I was looking through the new IKEA displays, two guys were wandering around looking at different office furniture, chatting about a new office they were opening soon. I didn't even notice them till one of them asked me about DC locations and where I work.

One thing led to another and soon enough they were asking me to open their new office. 'They' were Larry Page and Sergey Brin the two founders of Google, and the new office is to be a very high profile experimental facility called the Copernicus Center.

Now the only downside to it all is that I'll have to leave DC, the USA even, and move far away from all my current friends, and getting back to see Mom will be hard. Still, the opportunity is amazing.

I'll be commanding an impressive and dedicated cadre of terrestrial software engineers, hardware operations technicians, cable installers, quantum mechanics and space planners, dedicated to exploring the chatter of the universe, the vast web of electromagnetic pulses that may contain signals from intelligent life forms in other galaxies, as well as a complete record of every radio or television signal broadcast from our own planet.

Google's goal in this experiential office is to extract information from that cacophonous web and make it available to anyone with a mouse and a modem. My goal is to make it all happen while enjoying the adventure, and the new culture, and to drag you, my wonderful reader, along for the ride.

Now read Google's detailed plans and keep in mind today's date: Google Copernicus Center.

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