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America, July 26, 2004

Its Moving Time Again

Ya know, I've grown to hate moving day

my new place
Look familiar?
my old place
Better than this!
After three years in Dupont Circle, I'm headed back north again. Not to far, mind you, only a mile or so, but a world away from where I am now. I am leaving the expensive flatlands of Dupont Circle, where the White House is three blocks away and my favorite bars are around the corner.

My landlord, Louay, is going with the gentrification of the neighborhood, remodeling the apartment and doubling the rent. Funny thing is, I can't complain, really. I've had three years of good living on the cheap, with a glorious place in the heart of it all, and off street parking to boot.

Now, with Whole Foods and new loft condos popping up, I can't afford the neighborhood anymore. The yuppies, guppies, and buppies are making me retreat, sort of, to hilltop Mt Pleasant where I lived before

Its not all bad, as my new roommate, Francis, seems cool, and the apartment sure is. Overlooking DC from the 7th floor of a swank art-deco building, the view out of my curved living room windows is amazing.

I just have to get used to the changes it will bring into my life. Or out of it as I'm gonna give my car to my mom. She needs one to replace her ancient Toyota, and my Honda, affectionately known as 'Wayan's Lounge' for its dark tinted windows and XM Satellite Radio system, would be a sweet upgrade for her.

It will also be a financial relief for me. More hassle, as I'm now back to metro, taxi, bus, bike, and walk, where before I was all drive all the time. But without car payments, insurance, gas, and DC parking tickets, so much cheaper in the long run.

Mt Pleasant helps too. It used to be a transitional neighborhood, back when I lived here in 1996, but these days it's cleaned up nicely. Still with a solid Central American flair, there are fewer drunks and no broken 40oz's like before. Only new restaurants serving good food and better beer on the cheap.

Its gonna be odd moving back into the old hood. A move I hope helps change my luck for the better.

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