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America, April 26, 2004

Taste the Sweat, I'm in Training

Even if I have to crawl, I will finish!

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I can multi-task
Look Ma! No hands!
Now that spring is officially here, and after a weekend in Vero, I am tan, it is time for me to get this soft body in shape. Unlike Dad, who ran a marathon at 60 and made me feel oh so outta shape, I am gonna spread my speed over three sports.

First, I am a runner. Not a marathon runner, but if you Google "wayan vota" and race you'll see that I do a decent 5K or 10K, followed by a pint per mile to replenish my fluids.

Then I am a swimmer. Starting from my days as surfer, I am always ready to jump in a pond, pool, or ocean for a swim. So far, after fun stints rafting down the Nile or surfing the Rhine, I've cooled off in almost all the major rivers, lakes, and oceans of the world.

Last but not least, I am a terror on a bicycle. Spinning across town, courier style (that's without regard for traffic rules), I beat all modes of transport to get from Point A to Point B. I even did BikeDC!

Now I'm gonna combine all three of these sweaty actions into one giant orgy of self-punishment. I'm gonna do the 8th Annual Cape May Triathlon on the Jersey Shore June 6th.

While I am racing alone, there'll be a great support group there to cheer me on (or there better be!) as I'm renting out a yurt to sleep in for the weekend. Yes, you read that right, the Belleplain State Forest rents out yurts, just like in Mongolia, and there will be a massive pre- and post-par-tay! Well, that is if I can still walk after the race.

Taken separately, I know I can do a half-mile swim, three-mile run or fifteen-mile bike ride with ease. The challenge for me will be all three, together, at race speeds. To do the race in the 90-110 minute goal I've randomly set for myself, these next two months are all about training.

Training on a program too, as I've had overtraining injuries before and I don�t like them. I've currently reading the Triathlon Training Bible, and its giving me great tips on how to maximize my swims, runs, and bikes, so I can not only finish the race, but look good lounging around shirtless afterward.

Hell, that's the most important part, the post-race lounge, and if ya wanna be there with me, and the 500 other hard bodies, get off your duff and email me now!

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cheers man!

you da crazy man! I don't run unless someone's chasing me, bro - but good luck to ya

Well this Sunday I chased a thousand runners around Haines Point in DC during the Sallie Mae 10K for an amazing 46:04 minutes!

Now that's results!

I just ran the triathlon in 91 minutes. 91 minutes! 91 minutes of speed and sweat that you can read about on my website!

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