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America, December 8, 2007

A Florida Running-Moon Vacation

A different kind of honeymoon

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Running faster together
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Post race high
What to do after you and your beloved have a legal wedding in Georgia? Why have a running-moon vacation in Florida, of course!

But what is a "running-moon vacation"?

That is when you fly down to Vero Beach, Florida to see your Mom and spend the entire long weekend running. Now Amy and I were not running from the law, or her father, we were running for the fun and joy of it.

Starting with easy three and four mile runs at the Memorial Park Fitness Trail, Amy and I built up our warm winter in the tropics stamina for Saturday's grand challenge: the 24th Annual Jack Island Cross Country Run.

Don’t be fooled, the Jack Island run is a challenge. It may look like an easy four mile loop on a picturesque island in the Indian River lagoon, but once you get there, you realize that its four miles of hot, sweaty trails through swarming noseeums as the Florida morning heat dehydrates you by the minute.

The only consolation for Amy and I was a refreshing post-run swim in the cool ocean waters and our dual victories. Both Amy and I won our age groups in the face of stiff competition. We both battled against the strongest competitor of all - our own egos.

Luckily, later that night we were able to celebrate our achievement at the Sun Runner's of Vero Beach Christmas party. There, Mom, Drew, Amy and I enjoyed the company of Vero Beach's finest road runners in an evening of good food and fine wine.

Best of all, we didn't run at all on Sunday.

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"running-moon vacation", that is a great concept. I liked that.

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