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America, July 27, 2007

Amy, Will You Marry Me?

A marriage proposal worth engaging

Amy & Wayan
Amy and Wayan
Amy's happy
Amy showing off
What do you do when you love your girlfriend? When you feel your Amy is Miss Right, worthy of cohabitation, even if it requires a half-million dollar mortgage?

First off, you discuss the future with her. Life as Mrs. Vota, legally bound to a highly visible, globe trotting uber Geek with an addiction to technology and transit foaming on the Internets and even the streets. Then, when she accepts your insanity, you go ring shopping.

But don't tell her that you're buying an engagement ring. Oh no, you do your best to fake her out. You bitch and moan about diamond prices, you defer ring shopping trips, you even question the whole idea of engagement rings until she gives up and stops pestering you.

Its then, when she least expects it, like a Ross family vacation to Fripp Island, South Carolina. And where she least expects it, like the Bonito Boathouse Restaurant & Sunset Lounge, that you pop the question.

Down on one knee, surprise engagement ring in hand, you ask her, "Amy, will you marry me?"

Shock, amazement, tears and a joyful yep of "YES!!!" will then follow. And that's just her Mom and sister. Amy herself will be too choked up to move, only able to utter a barely audible "yes, of course, I love you." And then you'll be engaged.

The rest of the family weekend will be filled with intense sister/mother conversations around key topics like: When will the wedding be? Probably in January. Where? In Washington DC. Will it be a Platinum Wedding and will Amy go Bridezilla? No to both. Honeymoon plans? Hawaii in February.

And as soon as you re-enter civilization, where cell phones work and Internets reach, friends and family will be notified, confusion and bewilderment at the demise of Playboy Wayan will follow, hopefully caped by shouts of congratulations in the comments section below.

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Congratulations, y'all. I'll just be in the corner whilst my worldview crumbles...

Guess the "Marry My Daughter" Grill worked, eh? ;)

Nice work, Wayan! Congrats to both of you!

Congrats guys!

Speaking as one newly married to an Amy, congrats!

Heeeeeeeeeey! Congrats!!!

Hey, congratulations! Good on you, Wayan.


Congratulations Wayan! My condolences, Amy. :)

I kid, I kid! I'm having a beer to toast you this very moment. (I was going to have one anyway but it may as well be in your honor)

Wow-- congratulations!

Congrats to the cute couple!

your married w/kids fogie friends fm the past, terri & eric

Congrats to both of you!! :)

Wayna, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course you need to go to Africa, Amsterdam and New York next time to buy diamonds.

wayan!!!!!!!! OMG> congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Wayan - that is awesome news.

Our heartiest congratulations. We are very excited for you - we keep following your travel adventures vicariously through your newsletter - particularly since travel has lessened significantly for us after the birth of Zain - who is now 5 months old.

Great news. Many congrats. Is the big day planned yet?

Congratulations Wayan! I always knew you'd get hitched before me! ;)

Just moved to NY on Thurs to take a new job but just wanted to pass along my congrats. Glad to hear all is well.

Congrats! Congrats!

Congrats and good luck to you both. The fun has just begun. If you come to see Mickey Mouse give us a call.

Congratulations!! That's wonderful. All us married people like everyone else to be just as miserable, I mean happy.

Congratulazioni per il vostro fidanzamento!

Well, well, well! Congratulations to you and Amy....she looks like your mother! I wish you both the best......

awwwwwww. congratulations to both of you!!! amy is such a sweet person...

Congrats - The world will be coming to an end soon!

Ah I can see the tears and hear the wails from all the eligible ladies of the world. Never in a million years but hey, I thought I saw a pig flying this morning. Congratulations, Wayan. I wish you and Amy all the happiness in the world.

If you really loved her, you'd've gotten her an engagement XO... ;)


Wayan-- terrific news--congratulations!!!

hey I called it when you were thinking of buying the house... you need to atleast invite me to some random after the wedding party considering who knows if I will return to the states sooon::

Id like to come to the wedding but I am sure that requires being the closest of closest friends, so send me photos!! im in paris now, sweden in a few days and then?? I really want to go to east Africa, give me some pointers!!

p.s/ You are totally my inspiration! haha xo n

Congrats! Is Amy a tri-girl? or is she in the process of being converted? hehe. Good thing we arent out at a restaurant or i'd make a big scene ;) Glad to hear you are doing well. Best of luck!

Kelli and Aldrin

Hi Wayan & Amy,

I am so very happy for the both of you. Your mom had told me what a nice woman Amy was during our long bike ride to Wabasso on a Saturday morning.The best of luck to the two of you. Love, Barbara

May the engagement be wonderful, the wedding better, and the marriage fantastic!

congratulations wayan!!!! btw... saw you on tv a few months ago... you got her because you're a superstar, right?


well i guess it was coming. CONGRATS!!!

Congratulations Wayan!

you both look very happy! I wish you all the best as you embark on your journey.

Wow congratulations!!! Wayan this is getting ridiculous -- I've been back almost a year and we STILL haven't seen each other!

Congratulations, Wayan! I'm glad to see you so happy:)

Nu ladna...settling down is a good news also! I hope Amy is also insane enough to enjoy every moment with insane Wayan and sail through all your adventures together. Congrats!!! Glad to see you happy!! you deserve it! Hugs!

Good on ya Wayan, you both look good together!

Congratulations!!! I wish you and Amy a lifetime of silly jokes, cozy rainy days in bed, and lots of beautiful children!

Congrats and best wishes of happiness ! What a nice ring-presenting story.

Klassnyie fotki, too.

HOLY SHIT! What about the Glamour magazine guy?

Hello friend, Congratulations!

By the way, me also getting married in coming September, with my Singaporean boyfriend. He will be coming to Japan soon. Wish u a big happiness!!!

Congratulations Wayan. It's been a while since we spoke - looks like you've been very busy.

(and hi Sabena, it's been even longer - a year apparently! An email will wing your way shortly)

Wayan! Congratulations!! We're very happy for you. Give my condolences to Amy - just kidding! We wish you the best!!

Congratulations, Wayan and Amy!

congratulations, wish you the best

Congratulations, Amy and Wayan. Cherish each other with love and understanding.

WOW! I guess we can put the "Wayan is gay" rumors to rest. :-) Just kidding...We learned the truth many years ago that you weren't gay, just on a crusade to find the perfect woman. I am happy that you have finally ended the crusade.

OF COURSE YOU ARE!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! (that is me yelling and you deserve a screaming congratulations) I hope everything is a blast and my best wishes for a rocking ceremony and after party.

i was going to call you and screech my congratulations, but i didn't want to bother you at work and then i forgot, and now it's late and i haven't eaten yet, so you're getting a comment instead.

but you shouldn't read that as me being any less than thrilled for you. i am so delighted by your news! of course, newly married has me all aglow about the wonders of marriage. (btw, you missed a fabulous wedding weekend -- i'm still smiling. some pics attached in case you haven't browsed the batch on YorkPhoto.)

but i've been wanting you to find a mate for quite some time and am so happy for you that you did. i will look forward to meeting Amy sometime in the next year. if you guys need any wedding planning advice, let me know -- i do, um, have some experience with that!

also, Charlie and i are honeymooning in Hawaii this Sept. i've never been there, so i'm psyched. we'll do a few days on Oahu and spend most of the time on the Big Island.

enjoy your bethrothal! and you know you can propose more than once. i've had 4 with my clothes on...

seems to be a fair deal looking at both, ring & fiancee - go for it!

All the best for the two of you.

Incidentally passed through DC yesterday and will def give you a shout next time around to get together for a catch up.

Studcuz, A huge congratulations, that's great. Amy must be dead cool!

WOW!!!!! CONGRATS TO YOU AND AMY!!!! I really am in a bit of shock...Wayan Vota settling down once again.....she must be it. Pretty quick too with the January nuptials. What is it about January and you???

I am jealous of your honeymoon in Hawaii!!!! You know that is my favorite place. If you want any suggestions of things to do, let me know, I would be happy to share. What island(s) are you going to visit? I really am happy for you. Best of luck to you both. As you know, marriage is tough and requires a lot of give and take.

If you two have discussed kids, make sure you are ready....they steal your time and your life, but are also very rewarding. Just make sure you are mentally ready to meet the challenge. They certainly do change your life in every possible way imaginable. haha

So, Congratulations again to you and Amy! and enjoy all that engagement brings. Good for you, Wayan!!! I wish you all the happiness in the world!

XoXoXo Mistify

Dear Wayan:

It is a first and biggest news after the 10 days vacation in south of Spain! I am very happy for you. Congratulations!

I still remember the touching article you posted in your website about my wedding news last year. It was really nice. I don't have such public space to show how happy I am now for you. I am a quite private person, so I think it is the best way to send my blessing to you and Amy.

You two look very compatible together. It is strange to see you two's photo in your website at the beginning, cos she looks familiar to me. Of course I am 100% sure I've never met her before, then after a while, I realize that if you ever let me imaging your partner, she would look like Amy! That's why she looks familiar to me :-)

Ok, I will stop my silly woman talking now and say the appropriate thing: congratulations!

holly shit! congratulations man, didn' think your globe trotting lifestyle was going to support a second traveler. I hope to meet her soon, it's been way too long. Please keep sending me invites, I promise to make it out one day..

Does this "Betrothed Butterbean" have any idea her picture is posted on your website and that you "claim" she has agreed to marry you? If this is in fact true, I can only conclude 1) you have a huge wit, 2) amassed great wealth or 3) a combination of 1 + 2. She is way too hot for you! Congratulations on the girl, wit and money.

Details when you get a chance.

Remember, I have handled criminal matters in the past and am licensed in DC, so if it turns out Amy is a minor or has agreed to marry you under duress, I can probably keep you out of jail, well maybe.

Congratulations to you both.

Best Wishes on your engagement. Are you planning on children. They are such a Blessing, and a Joy. You look so cute together in your pictures, but I knew it had to be coming when you bought your house. Too much room for just one. Again Congratulations. There are many hearts broken around the world now. Best of Luck.
Love J,C,J,C


Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! We are so happy for both you and Amy. We are also happy for your Mom....I'm sure she is thrilled with the news. I tried to call her last night but there was no answer. I wasn't sure if she was back from her Texas travels. She has certainly had a full and busy summer.

I talked to Jan last evening and she too, is so happy for you and Amy. Speaking of Amy, she is beautiful!!! You are a very lucky young are both lucky. A wedding in January and a honeymoon to Hawaii in February.

It all sounds fabulous, awesome and over the top wonderful.

Congratulations Wayan,

We're so happy for you,finally you get into this mysterious life of marriage, have fun of everything, lots of laugh, love, respect and patience.

Eric, my daughters and I send you a big hug and God Bless you and Amy

Congratulations Wayan! We wish you and Amy all the best. Btw, you were mentioned in a Swedish newspaper:

Congrats, Wayan! I wish you both all the best of luck + many, many happy days in married life together :-)

CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement. I hope you will still keep us on the edge of our office chairs with your adventures.

Did you hear that UCF is now one of the largest universities in the country??? Freaky, but true.

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