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America, November 22, 2007

Legally, We are Married

Say "Hi" to Mr. and Mrs. Wayan Vota

amy and wayan
Happy at the Courthouse
Wow! What earth-shattering news today! Can you believe it? OLPC took G1G1 global and extended it to December 31. Yes, I know, it's shocking, but it's not the most exciting moment in world history today.

Nope, that honor goes to Amy Ross Vota. Yes, read that name again, slowly this time: Amy Ross Vota. Today the Betrothed Butterbean is no longer legally betrothed. She is my wife. In a mad dash to the Cobb County Courthouse in central Georgia, Amy and I wed today in a quick civil ceremony.

Now don't get all excited that you missed a good party. This was just a legal procedure because it’s a real pain to get married in Washington DC, and with a half-million dollar mortgage, I have plenty of 2007 tax deductions to share.

Our real wedding ceremony is yet to come. That will be a grand celebration on January 12th, in Washington DC, where Cousin George will officiate and Cousin Sean will be my best man.

But no matter the spread at the Tabard Inn, it will not compare with today's wedding reception feast.

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Dear Wayan and Amy,
Wishing you many years of the happiness that you now have found. Great pictures of a glowing couple-keep on laughing thru all the rough times, and NEVER go to bed angry at each other!

Love and best wishes from the two Texas Turkeys

Many congratulations!

Congratulations! Best wishes and many happy returns to the cutest couple. And I can hardly wait to see BABIES!!! You both got some beautiful baby blues.

(wow, I'm the first to comment! that's amazing - guess everyone is still on holiday zzzzz or $$$)

Congrats!! You guys look so happy in the picture! :)

Hi Wayan. I stumbled on your site and cant resist a "Congratulations" to the bride and groom :) And i like your style of writing on places you've been and your life's experiences.


Congratulation. Unlike what the world says, marriage is a huge blessing. :)

Congrats Wayan! Go for it...


Hey Wayan,
Congratulations man. It was great meeting Amy and being with you guys long enough to see you happy and in love. I'll tip back a brew tonight in your honor.

cheers mate,

Wayan, congrats! You really did it :)

Well I guess it is true, Amy actually agree to marry you without being under duress. Yes, I guess it is legal. Congratulations, you both look very happy.

In three short months, Gailyn and I will be celebrating our ten year anniversary.

Both of you look adorable! Mrs. Vota looks gorgeous in her dress.

I hope your lives are going well. :) I'm in SF again, and the weather isn't too bad. I haven't had time to come on line much to your site.. seems this is a bit late of a congrats.


Wayan & Amy,
Congrats! We've been at it for almost THREE YEARS and guess what?? We're expecting twins:

Wayan -- we need to hook up sometime and catch up .. with the wives.

Bob A.

I hope this time it is true and only the TRUTH. You know how at times you put us in your pocket and just zip it,but maybe to those who know you properly know that you are just kidding. Therefore this time allow me to say a big CONGRATULATION to you Boy.
However i hope that you will save your wife's ribs because my own ribs were damaged by the funny stuff you write about.
All in all, she is the most luckiest lady in the world.
Wayan may you stick together when the WAVES come your way.
Otherwise,I wish you all the best and may you enjoy life to the full.

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