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America, January 8, 2007

See Way More Wayan on Flickr Photos

Maybe way more than you every cared to know too!

I know them!
My Taiwanese freinds
tasty food
You Philippine hungry yet?
One oft-heard complaint about my amazing, cutting-edge Belly Button Window is the dearth of photographs on my posts. With an average of one or two photos per entry, readers are always asking for more visual context for my writing content.

In the past, I was hesitant to put all the extra images online, partly due to the bandwidth costs and partly due to the lack of an easy, yet visually pleasing user interface. Now, with the advent of Flickr, both problems are solved.

Flickr allows me to host hundreds of photos at original size, with scaled down versions that can load quickly on slower bandwidths. And I've taken advantage of this service to the tune of almost a thousand images so far in a variety of photo pools.

Maybe you felt left out last summer when I wandered by Taiwan, Sri Lanka or the Philippines and you didn't get the visual love you wanted. Well now you can!

Starting with Taiwan, I have a random Taipei photo set and a very popular Computex Salesgirl survey. In Sri Lanka I took 52 photos of daily life, mainly on one long Sunday riding the Colombo rails, while Philippine images show off the Mall of Asia.

What might surprise you are the 100+ pictures of San Francisco or the almost 400 photos of Washington DC. Of course, now that I came out as a transit foamer, you shouldn't be surprised about my photos of the WMATA or Vienna train systems.

Yet my favorite Flickr-uploaded photo so far might be this one of a beauty I know well.

What's your favorite Wayan photo?

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1 Comment

my favorate wayan photo is the one of three red tulips in wdc. also, after reviewing all photos, i see that you cant trust noone. but its ok. its nothing really.

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