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Lebanon, July 9, 2007

Sea Doo's Damn the Beach

Motorcycles belong on highways not waterways

big Mediterranean waves
Bodysurfing, not wave jumping
the best Sea-Doo
Best Sea Doo: beached
Let's say there is a beautiful sunny beach, a Mediterranean paradise. A beach where the sand is white, the water blue, the sun warm and fresh. Now populate this beach with the best of humanity, people with love and care in their hearts. Let's even put this beach in Lebanon.

Now what would be the best improvements to the beach? What would take it to the next level? How about a pool next to the ocean so you can swim in fresh & clean water. Or how about a bar in that pool, so you can drink while you tan? Or how about lounge chairs and shade umbrellas scattered about green grass and extensive decks? Wouldn't that be grand? An Oceania Beach Club even?

Then why, oh dear God why, does every single beach with such wondrous amenities also offer the scourge of the seas; the Sea Doo? Loud, smelly and an offense to the oceans blue is the Sea Doo and its older cousin the Jet Ski.

Why do beachgoers think that these motorcycles for the sea are any good? Yes, at first they are fun. Its exciting to hit the surf in one, standing it up on its tail or jumping waves on the way out.

But then what? Zipping to and fro on a butt-busting polluter? Spinning in circles until your sore? And then, when numb, heading back to shore $20 or $30 poorer? Is that really fun?

I think not. In fact I think they should be banned. Right up there with snowmobiles in the winter or overly loud motorcycles in the city, Jet Ski's and Sea Doos, the entire class of personal motorized watercraft are a plague on the best beaches of the world.

No, wait. By their very definition, places like Sun Bay in Puerto Rico, or Labadi Beach in Ghana are better, best even, for their very lack of Sea Doos. These are beaches perfected by people who know that the stink of gasoline should not permeate the surf, that swimmers should not fear for errant moto-tourists, and real fun comes with nature, not engineers.

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I couldn't agree more! I am fairly anti social when I am outdoors trying to enjoy myself. I despise anything that makes noise!

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