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Lebanon, July 10, 2007

Sweet Views From Park Tower Suites

The scenery is worth setting off the staff's gaydar

big style
My stunning view
the player working it
Ben and I, impressed
While I don't often have the ultra-luxury experience of the Peninsula Hotel Manila, these days I need not fear a stay at the likes of Hotel Ripcrow. I usually am accommodated at quality hotels like the Nairobi Serena, where the staff are attentive even if the rooms are small.

But on occasion, I luck out. Not with room size, which is nice, or extreme luxury, which is nicer, but in the three hotel qualities I really value: location, outdoor space, and views. Beirut's Part Tower Suites is a case in point.

First, the hotel is right off President Elias Sarkis Avenue, in downtown Beirut, just a short walk from the party street. Then my one bedroom suite had a large balcony, where I could eat breakfast daily and surf the Internet nightly. Last but not least, it has stunning views of downtown Beirut, right to the Mediterranean sea.

Views that were amazing, but not quite the level of Ben's room. That view has to been seen to be believed:

Its only too bad that I am so afraid of heights that I couldn't really appreciate the view. I had to sit inside Ben's apartment to keep vertigo at bay. Still, if you're in Beirut for a while, there's no better place to stay, especially if, like Ben, you set off the staff's gaydar.

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"Honey bunny"? :) Cool vid. Ben's nice eye candy. It sure does look like Hong Kong, 60 years ago! I think HK is more dense. Thanks for the view!

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