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Jordan, October 15, 2010

How to Run from Frankfurt Airport to Downtown Frankfurt and Back During a FRA Layover in 7 Easy Steps

The new friends you'll meet
The sights you'll see
As you run to downtown Frankfurt
For the runners of the world who have a layover at Frankfurt International Airport (FRA), here are simple instructions to have a great Frankfurt Layover Running Adventure between your long-haul international flights (or any trip for that matter).

1. Plan ahead.

Know your speed and distance and use Google Maps of FRA to plot your run. There are a number of trails around the airport and bridges across the Main river with pedestrian walkways where you can cross into Frankfurt.

Here are two runs I did as a guide for your adventures:

  1. 9 miles: Airport to Downtown
  2. 18 miles along the Main River

The S-Bahn and U-Bahn can return you to the airport as well, just plan ahead as both are confusing and will have you screaming at German planners (or lack there of).

2. Change and store luggage.

Be sure to pack your running gear in your carry on luggage (wear your running shoes) and store your carry on at the baggage storage area in the A wing of the airport.

3. Take the Steigenberger Airport Hotel bus

This bus will take you to the hotel where you can start your run. The Steigenberger Hotel is right next to the main running trails from the airport and is beyond all the autobahn traffic that can get you lost or run over.

4. Run!

Enjoy the countryside scenery as you run thought the Frankfurt City Forest, and depending on your distance, the Main River and Frankfurt am Main itself.

Here I am, in the center of Frankfurt after that first run:

5. Take the SBahn back to the airport.

If you took a few Euros you can buy a ticket back to the airport on the S-Bahn. Or you can just ride it like a rabbit, without paying, and always watchful for ticket police. Either way, the S-Bahn will bring you back to the airport terminal.

6. Shower and optional massage:

After you're back at the airport terminal all hot and sweaty, you have three options to get cleaned up:

  1. Shower at one of the public showers in the terminal
  2. Shower in one of the airport lounges (Lufthansa Welcome Lounge is amazing!)
  3. Go back to the hotel and get a long massage and hot shower before flying out (my recommendation)

7. Continue your trip.

What better way to fly onward and really enjoy the in-flight drinks, than with a post-run high? I hope to see you next flight, with a smile as you remember your Frankfurt Layover Running Adventure.

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Jordan, October 9, 2010

Petra: What Man Can Accomplish with Purpose and Time

What happens when an oasis community re-routes rivers for year-around water supply and flourishes for 700 years? Mankind turns from a barbaric killer to a patron of arts and beauty, transforming barren rock into majestic temples.

The proof of man's capacity for change? Petra.

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Jordan, October 8, 2010

Crazy Marathon Training: Running the Dead Sea in Jordan

The Dead Sea is a bit more humid than I expected. At 7am, I've only run 3 miles and I am already coated in sweat. More sweat than mid-summer runs in Washington, DC. I am just dripping sweat. I think I'm even sweating from my eyeballs. That's how humid the Dead Sea is, even at this early hour in early October.

Through the sweat I look around and take in the view. Bright red mountains banded by clear blue waters and crystal blue skies. Not a tree or human in sight. An utter silence from the thick air broken only by my labored breath and tired footfalls.

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Jordan, October 6, 2010

Where should I marathon training run in Amman, Jordan?

Hi, my name is Wayan and I have a running problem. I am in Amman for 2 weeks and I need to run. But not just any run, I need 20 miles of running.

I have this running binge coming on. Some would call it a marathon, but I see it as a running bender through Washington DC. Yet, that is then. Now, this weekend, I need to run to build up my tolerance.

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Jordan, October 5, 2010

School Buses Signal Dawn in Amman, Jordan

In a Muslim country like Jordan, you would expect dawn to be marked by the Imam's call to prayer. This morning I went for a marathon training run through the hills of Amman, and I found a whole other call to action: school bus horns.

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Jordan, October 4, 2010

Frankfurt Airport Layover Adventure: Run an 18-mile Marathon Training Route Through the German Countryside

Starting my 18-mile adventure
On my flight to Jordan, I purposely scheduled an 11-hour layover at the Frankfurt (FRA) Airport. Why? So I could do an 18-mile marathon training run through the German countryside. And like my LAX layover done right, it was one of my best airport layover adventures yet.

First, I spent time on Google Maps, planning my run by looking at the Frankfurt airport and surrounding area at maximum magnification. I saw that Germany has a long network of bicycle and walking trails I could follow from the airport to the Rhine River, and along the river to Frankfurt itself and to s-Bhan stations that could take me back to the airport.

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