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America, May 8, 2011

2011 RunKeeper 5K Global Challenge

Are you friends with Wayan Vota or Mike McKay? Are you a runner? Do you think you're fast? Then join us for our RunKeeper 5K Global Challenge!

In the comments below, post your fastest 5K time over the week of May 9th to May 15th, from anywhere in the world, using the RunKeeper app, and you could win cool prizes.


  1. Be a friend (or a friend of a friend) to Wayan or Mike
  2. Run at least 5 kilometers or 3.2 miles anywhere in the world from May 9-15th
  3. Record your run using RunKeeper or a GPS-powered tracking device
  4. Upload your run data to & share the link in the comments below by May 18th


You mean besides worldwide bragging rights as the fastest 5K RunKeeper runner? How about this. I am so confident that I am the fastest runner of my friends that I'll put up $100USD as prize money. Feel free to add your own prizes in the comments below.


I love RunKeepr so much, I've proclaimed 4 reasons why RunKeeper is the best iPhone app for runners. One of the reasons - I can follow friends runs.

Mike McKay and I follow each others' runs via the RunKeeper app - see Wayan's Activities and Mike's Activities. We wanted to race each other for the fastest 5K this week. Yet he is in Manilla and I am in Dar es Salaam.

So what to do? Take the race to RunKeeper! And since we can't make virtual races on RunKeeper yet or contact our StreetTeam as a group, we're doing it this way. So join us! Add yourself to the challenge by adding your RunKeeper profile in the comments below.

Love to run, hate to race? Then add Mike and Wayan to your StreetTeam and we can cheer all our runs

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Alright - a few suggestions/clarifications on the rules.

* You must run at least 3.11 miles (5k).
* The winner is calculated based on who has the fastest overall average pace (allows you to run a little bit further and faster if you get knocked into a ditch by a minibus, also means you don't have to keep looking at your phone to see exactly how far you are and when you can stop).
* You can run multiple times during the week - we will use your fastest time.
* No pausing runkeeper.
* If the runkeeper trace looks too wonky or unrealistic (2 minute miles) then we throw the run out.

First attempt:

Distance: 3.17 miles
Pace: 6:50 minutes/mile

The air was so polluted!

I had to manually delete some of the points cause they made it look like I ran further and faster than I had.

Attempt Numero Uno:

Distance: 3.2 miles
Pace: 6:05 min/mile

Went WAY too fast in the first mile! Fun Baltimore run though.

Beat that!

Attempt #1 - started out fast with 5:30 pace, but by mile 2, I was overheated. 90F + 100 humidity and no breeze. Mile 2 was slower and mile 3 hurt. Overall pace: 6:09 min/mile

And no, I did not start in Dar harbour. The map gets squiggly sometimes

Attempt #2 - after a week of sitting in a car driving around Tanzania, my slacking shows. This run hurt from the onset. I would claim a hangover if I could. Overall pace: 7:21

Attempt #1 - Run in beautiful altitude of Boulder around Waneka lake. But a bit of cheating... last 1K was all downhill.
5.04 KM in 20:07... average pace 6:25.

Attempt #1 The first in the ladies division
Average pace 9:31

Team Malawi (Me, Andrew, Jon & Marissa) are all looking strong! Wayan your Dar run needs editing. You can edit the route (you've go some 3 minute mile pace in there). If you right click on a wonky point then it deletes it but with your starting point in the middle of the ocean we might have a problem... Just a few days left...


Final attempt:

Distance: 3.16 miles
Average Pace: 6:56

Ran with my dog (Dicea, rottweiler) and despite a long soak in the Potomac before we started she was really hot by mile 1.5 and I had to coax her along (in the winter she can pull me for 6 miles straight!). So I guess my smog buster run in the Philippines will have to be my PR for the week at 6:50.

Also, I ran with 2 android phones, so I want to compare to see how similar the GPS trace was. Stay tuned...

A slower one for me
Avg 6:51

And a faster one for Marissa is on the way!

Last entry for me...

Distance: 3.11
Pace: 6:00 min/mile

My final entry in the Global 5K Challenge and I seem to be owing Mike a C-note and bragging rights.

Average Pace: 7:05 min/mile

Next up - a Global Airport Challenge! Run from as many airports as possible. Here's my most recent:

And I will take this as my excuse too - too many miles in too many places: a fast 5K in Dar on Friday, 8 miles in Zurich on Saturday, and a fast 5K in Dc on Sunday.

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