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Turkey, May 5, 1998

My Turkey Travel Companions

Ya gotta have a cool crew to travel right!

Claire, Arthur, Ann
Claire, Arthur, Ann
I hope it was tasty!
Any trip you take might be shaped by the place and tim, but it is defined by the people you travel with or meet along the way. My trip to Istanbul was defined by three people really, my two housemates, Arthur and Ann, and our friend Claire.

Ann, as you may know by now, is an old Russia friend of mine, being a housemate in the last apartment I lived in here. I met Arthur at work, we both work for Price Waterhouse here, and he and I found the apartment we live in now. Claire also works at PW, where I met her. The three of us spent the long weekend getting to know each other a bit too well, especially after late night chats, too many rounds of Truth or Dare, and a wrestling match that alarmed the neighbours.

I am not gonna reveal any of the secrets we told, and definitely not here, but I can't help but to thank them for making the weekend quite lively and fun!

Ok, I can't resist! Look to the left. Now what is she doing?

Claire is eating raw hibiscus flower hips. The girl went nuts at this store, gobbling up as much of the tasty treats as she could before the shopkeeper came after her with a broom and attitude. Can you blame him? She probably ate a kilo before he caught her!

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