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Hong Kong, December 13, 1999

I'm Gonna Live My Dreams!

I had a dream and your gonna come along for the ride!

If I wasn't a guy or his cousin, I'd be with Sean now!
Sean, my Aussie Stud Cuz
Hey, some nights I gotta follow my dreams
Aww, gee, time to wander
I had a dream. I had an amazing dream on the train from Shanghai to Hong Kong. I had a dream that I would wander from Singapore to Sydney, island-hopping through Indonesia, with nothing but a toothbrush and clean undies.

In the days since I had this dream, it's evolved into a full-blown plan. I will travel overland, but from Bangkok to Singapore, where I'll fly to Sydney to meet my cousin, Sean. The basic itinerary so far is to spend the rest of December in Thailand, moving though Laos and Cambodia in January and Vietnam and Malaysia in February.

I was considering dropping the laptop in the mail to Sydney before I left so I could get down to that toothbrush luggage level, but ya'll are in luck. I actually upgraded a bit and bought a digital camera here in Hong Kong (Check out my Olympus C-920z Hong Kong photos.). This way I can ditch my scanner, the real pain in my shoulders, and fit all my stuff in a little locked suitcase on wheels. Why break my back and leave my gear open to thieves when I can lock it all away and let the earth deal with gravity?

With my stuff pared down from winter/summer club/street wear to summer street gear, I'm gonna be as light as I've ever been on this walk-about. I'm gonna miss my blue 'bomb' disco shirt, but I guess I'll be coated in too much sweat for anyone to look at me cute-like anyway.

I'm excited about seeing Saigon, and hopefully Hanoi. With the recent animosity between Vietnam and America cooling down and tearful meetings by old warriors, I am interested in seeing for myself the feelings of the people on the street. Also, as one of the last Marxist-Leninists states left, it will be interesting to contrast the Vietnamese situation with Russia's and China's.

Of course, I wanna see Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and though I'm not really sure what's in Laos, there has to be a decent adventure just in crossing the border. I've heard all the stories about the sex show, shops, and scenes in Bangkok, but don't expect to read much about them here. I'm gonna spend most of my time in Thailand baking in a good tan on the beach and hiding from the Y2K hoopla.

I don't know much about Malaysia, so now I shall leave ya'll to dream about your own world wanderings as I go read up on my next destination for the Belly Button Window.

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