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America, February 13, 2006

Welcome To 33 +1/3

What's the 1/3 for, you ask? Read on...

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Yes, I'm finally admitting my age, my real age, after four years of living the "I'm twenty-nine" lifestyle. It was fun, it was real, and it's now really fun to be me - all 33 +1/3 years of it.

Why 33 +1/3 you ask? Well I figure I was sliding by as twenty-nine for so long, I gotta play catch-up, and added the point thirty-three to make it true. What am I going to do when its August and I'm now more like 33 +1/2? Who knows & who cares. Its time to par-tay!

And par-tay we did! We headed to Wonderland Ballroom for a night of chocolate + alcohol during a snow emergency, DC's annual surprise that winter comes with snow. With the flurries that ensued, the weak started to bail.

First was Yana, once the great wing woman Yana Drama, and now just too much drama. Then a few others, scared that a few inches of snow would somehow trap them in DC forever. Chicken shits, all. Us party people made snowballs out of a snow emergency and partied on!

There were cupcakes and candles at 11pm, shared with all the hotties in the bar. Hey, I know who to give my treats to! And by midnight, we'll all be three sheets to the wind with the joe-cool Wonderland locals (and yeah, maybe I'm one too).

Somehow, even after we left late and snowballed each other on the walk home, I managed to keep my presents. Tossing me funky fresh ties and cuff links now that I'm a Director, and need a wardrobe upgrade, my friends came through. Oh they came through in spirit, person, presents, and one dame fine 33 +1/3 time.

Thanks all!

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