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America, February 9, 2010

Segundo: The Best 37th Birthday Present Ever

What more to ask for?
I turned 37 years old today, which means its only 3 short more years till I'm 40. Or mid-life. Halfway from birth to death. And I couldn't be happier.

Just three years ago, I was a whole different person on my birthday. No wife, no kid, no house, and no dog. I was young and free, sporting a fine Puerto Rico tan. But I was all alone.

Today, I am much different person. I'm blessed with a wonderful, loving wife, an angle child, our own (affordable) home, and the amazing Snow Dog Taxi. Today, I am so much happier than 3 years ago.

Introducing Segundo

What might a happy man want on his 37th birthday? First, it took me a bit to figure out which year this is for me - was I turning 37 or 38? So maybe I could ask for the mental quickness of my youth.

But better than that, in fact the best birthday present ever, is this, the second addition to our family. I have the great honor of introducing Segundo:

Even though Segundo is the masculine form of "second" in Spanish, don't think this is a boy-child. Amy and I are hoping for healthy - everything else is bonus. So keep your blues and pinks at bay till the August birth.

With any luck, we'll be hearing more than heartbeats soon enough.

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Wow! Congratulations to you two! Or I guess you four, now!

You mean all 5 of us: Amy, Wayan, Hanalei, Segundo, and Dog Taxi

Happy 37th Wayan! (I cant wait until I hear your 50th birthday comments - I'm 52 this year).

Boys are more likely if you make love to your wife less than once per week. I guess it will be another girl.

And when are you bringing the family to Oz?

G'day from Downunder.


Great bday present! And a wonderful present for Hanalei.. a built-in playdate!!!

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