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India, May 5, 2010

How I Saved a Marriage on a Frankfurt FRA Jetway

Wedding band gone missing
So there I was, a Business Class flyer fighting the Economy Pax scrum to get on my FRA - IAD flight (where is the business/first separate entrance, LH?) and I've succeeded in getting through the boarding gate when I notice my shoelace came undone in the scuffle.

Kneeling down to tie it, I see this golden ring on the jetway floor. Being married myself, I instantly recognized it as a wedding ring and realized that soon there would be a heart attack on a flight with a loud: OH MY GOD! WHERE IS MY RING!!

Rather than having sheer panic reign in a passenger's heart - just how do you explain losing your wedding ring to a skeptic spouse after a business trip? - I handed it to the purser when I took my well appointed business class seat.

He proceeded to announce the discovery of a "wedding or engagement ring", which I noticed had everyone in business class looking down at their hands. I'm sure the same happened in economy, for the purser said that a man had quickly come forward in dazed state, accurately describing the ring and telling an interesting story.

He claimed he took it off when passing through security, placing it in the breast pocket of his shirt, where he also had his boarding pass. It must have come out when, after passing the scrum, he put the card in his pocket, then quickly retrieved it to note his seat.

I wonder why anyone would take off a wedding ring at security? I wear a Damascus steel wedding band, and it doesn't set off alarms - why would a thin gold ring be a worry then? Regardless, I doubt he'll ever take his ring off at security again. Just imagine the ensuing discussion...

"Honey, I swear - I took it off at security, you know what animals they are, and now I can't find it."

"No, I had it on the whole time - every day! I lost it in the airport. Someone must have picked it up."

"Her? No, no, NO! Why do you say that? I love you more than any ring could signify!"

"Ring tattoo? Are you serious?"

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1 Comment

As a soon-to-be ring-wearer, nothing scares me more; as I have a good tendency to lose random, important things. Perhaps I should skip straight to the ring tattoo idea... I bet I could even find some tat artist who'd even do that live at the ceremony...

"...I'm tearing up from emotion. Yes. emotion and the searing pain of a thousand needles darting in and out of my left ring finger. But mainly the emotion."

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