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America, December 1, 2005

A Cafe Citron Thursday

More mujeres mugging mojitos than Managua

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You might wonder to yourself some days about single life in the big city. What us cool kids to after work and before dawn. What might occupy our time in the lone superpower's capitol. What draws us to the bright lights like moths to flame.

Like the Todd Boss Annual Thanksgiving House Party we do have our good times in the nation's capitol. Or at least I sure do.

Lets take tonight's outing as an example.

The night began with the last-minute email from Amy that says there is a par-tay at Cafe Citron, a Latin-themed bar favored by the hotties for its cheap and tasty mojitos. She's celebrating a promotion and work, and me, happy with a new Geekcorps program contract, am ready to make the night right.

Downstairs, I find Amy and crew on the second drink, mellowing form the daily grind. Think I should catch up quickly, I spy the sangria pitcher pour at the bar and try to get my own sampling. If only!

Guarded by two very thirsty ladies o' bar, I'm denied as they drink straight, sans glasses. I then go for backup with the too short bartenderess in serious platforms. With my funky-fresh Captains and Sprite - yes, I know, funk-k - I head over the Amy-crew with my spiked Sprite and a smile.

From odd foreign foods, I know we mentioned hot pot and Pocari Sweat, to the current status of New Orleans refugees and vacations spent with Russians, ice fishing, we were all over the map and mind as the alcohol sank in.

Soon enough, the booze went low and I searched for more, high and low, mostly low. I found a pitcher, maybe it was two, both quite empty. I did help blowing out a sparkler-enhanced birthday candle - that was a chore! - and even told complete strangers to just say "No" to Yes.

Soon enough it was time for me to Cinderella, and I was saying "no" myself. No to another bar, no to a house party, and no to a young man confused. Onto the 42 I slumped, to awake steps from my door and moments form my bed. Exciting, yes! Rewarding, most definitely! Boring, hahahahah! Never! It's a Cafe Citron Thursday!

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"and no to a young man confused"

Wayan, are you running a high gay percentage again?

Wayan, what's up with your hair dude? Either it's going retro or just going...sorry but I look to you as my fashion god and need some direction, as I am looking at your pic.

Going? My hair is not going! That one strand I have is wrapped around my head and sprayed down tight. Just ask Donna, my stylist.

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