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America, October 22, 2005

A Wet B-More Wedding

My wedding plan - elope again

Jin dry
Jin on a better night
It raining outside, no make that pouring cold rain that tormented Jin and I as we drove here from DC. Here would be St. Philip & James Catholic Church in Baltimore, where Jin and I are attending a wedding. Don't worry, I'm not getting married, I did that already, and divorced too. No, Jin and I are here to see her friend walk the isle.

And walk the isle she is, to the great pride and joy of her parents. Parents don't know but I can tell are very happy, especially her Dad. Its sad to think my Dad will not see me walk the isle, if I ever do again. I could never tell if he was still mad at me for divorcing Jingmei. I'm also one of the few in the crowd happy that when I did my isle-walk, I did it low key, at almost elope level.

As I look around this church, beautiful and all, I can't help but think of the expense that the wedding couple incurred to make this day so ornate. Then there are the costs, big and small, of us in the audience. Costs that I think all would rather the couple spend on a long & luxurious honeymoon somewhere without the cold rain that pelted us on the way in.

Ignoring the costs, it's a nice wedding and all, very pomp and circumstance and Catholic. It's the first wedding I've been too since Yana and I styled naturally in New Orleans in 2003 and I'm realizing that I really don't like weddings. Way too much formality and forced happiness with folks you don't know and wouldn't be around if you did.

I'm here to be Jin's backup, like I was Yana's, and like Yana, Jin now owes me. Hmm.. I wonder what I'll ask for?

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