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America, July 29, 2005

Better Than a Devo Comeback Tour

80's music INXS

rocking out on the town
Me & da kids
Now this is childhood flashback heaven! I'm here at the State Theatre, for an 80's night retrospective. Headlining tonight is Gonzo's Nose, a funky 80's and 90's cover band. A band I'll never see because the warm-up band, The Reflex will take up my entire night. But before I give away the ending, let me take you to the middle - screw the beginning.

I'm sitting at a table of women, most too young to remember the 80's like I do, and not one a true 80's kid. We're yapping like we all have the same memories though, and when we see leg warmers, jelly bracelets, and acid wash jeans, howls of laughter ensue.

Before they abandon me for a dance floor filled with the worst in bad white-man dancing, I get an earful of what women talk about when they're out. Guys of course, with out-of-context phrases like "he's dreamy," and "scratching balls in public" or "gag reflex" I made my own storylines while sipping tasty beer + lime + ice.

I did hear some fun old-school tunes too. Bananarama, the Bangles, even Brian Adams, of which I could live without. The Reflex kept playing, and playing and... Like a bad Energizer Bunny, they cranked out the longest warm-up set on record, over two hours, and when they promised the next song would be their last, I left to the sounds of "Hit me with your best shot".

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