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America, November 25, 2005

Black Friday at King of Prussia Mall

Step aside or you'll get hurt

Get it girl!
Outta my way Grandma, move aside little girl, its Black Friday at the King of Prussia Mall and I need me some deals! I've already checked out the deals on and I studied the KoP Mall floor plan online, so I know where I'm going. Oh and I've lived in Russia and China, I know how to use elbows in a crowd and I will run you over.

Then again why? Looking around, the deals are few and little and yet the crowds are everywhere. Express for Men had lines out the door but not a single customer could tell me what was on sale or special about the day. Other stores had 10% discounts on select items, stuff they'd have to pay me 10% to buy.

The whole day was a sad disappointing letdown until Urban Outfitters. At least there I could retail therapy with a pair of tan corduroy pants. Then Footlocker came in with a 20% discount on my swank Adidas shoes.

Funny enough, I had better luck in downtown Philly on Saturday, as I was making my way back to DC. There, in a two block stretch, both H&M and Express for Men delivered with deals and style, my sexy, cool, city style, sans crowds.

The lesson learned for BF2006? Saturday, it's all about Saturday!

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