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America, June 25, 2005

Fletchers -International- Boat House

It's time to grill and grin

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Hark! What is that I hear? Might that be Russian music, traditional, soulful Russian music? Why yes it is, and who's playing it but a Mongolian family here to celebrate a birthday. And since its summer, and time for the 2005 BBQ with Mom, 'here' cane be only one place - Fletchers Boat House.

A United Nations of families, Fletchers hosts all kinds under big oak trees along the Potomac. Not only were the Mongolians cooking, but so were the Central Americans, the Indians, and of course the 'Americans', though in DC, that would be all of us. We are Americans here for we all are here to BBQ.

And all of us includes Mom and I. Making it an annual tradition now, Mom comes up in the summer and I gather round my friends for some fun in the sun. For the 2005 BBQ with Mom.

This year, unlike the 2004 BBQ with Mom, there was minimal pre-planning. I only sent out the invite on Friday and yet, to my surprise, there was a good response. Not only did folks from last year show, Chi, Jeff, Amy, Tom & Holly, Mohammed & Faheen, but also there were new faces.

MK came out with her beau, Amy brought a friend, and I made new friends on the spot. The Mongolian kids were quick to inspect our spot, and I did not disappoint. Out came the beach ball, the toy planes, and the secret fun source.

Mixing countries, cultures, and traditions, I whipped out what became the coolest toy at Fletchers Boat House this summer day - A Scooby Doo Piñata. Yeah, that's right, an American Mutt brought a South American birthday tradition to a BBQ, and taught Mongolian kids how to whack with a stick blindfolded.

Are you that cool?

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