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America, July 18, 2005

Happy Anniversary DC Metblog!

Can you say 'par-tay' in HTML?

the water start
Hotties to meet
I was moving
Chickies to tounge
You know how I can't stop yapping about life in DC? How I am an unrepentant city-snob? And have the hyperbole to go with that gift of gab? Well it seems others have recognized this um, skill, and now I'm writing all my loves and hates for a cool DC-centric website

From the DC Circulator to the 4th fireworks, to the new bling bling Giant, I'm yapping my heart out. Check out my commentary so far. Impressive eh?

Impressive too is my great timing. Coming up next week is the first birthday par-tay for! One I know you're gonna want to be present for - if only to see me swinging from the rafters, drunk, yet again.

Here's the details:

Date: Wed. 20 July
Time: 8:30p until the last of us has passed out
Location: Felix's Zipper Lounge
2406 18th St NW
Washington DC

DJ lil' e will be spinning for the evening, there are drink specials, Cake Love for all, and free t-shirts for the first ten people to hand in a printout of the party flier.

So whatcha waiting for? See ya there!

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