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America, October 7, 2005

Hockey Goals Matter

Go Caps! Go!

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I gotta say, I like hockey. Yeah, me the guy who doesn't know if its time for the World Series or the Superbowl, I enjoy watching hockey. You could blame it on all those drink-a-thons in Moscow that led to nights cheering Spartak, but I would disagree.

I like hockey because its one of the few sports where every goal matters. Unlike basketball where there are 200 baskets in a night, or baseball where there are 2,00 runs in a season, in hockey (and soccer), there will be only a handful in a year. Or there should be only a handful.

In watching the Washington Capitals tonight, the goals didn't matter much. Not the DC goals anyway, for it was 7-3 and the Thrashers, well, thrashed the Caps. They even scored twice when we were goalie-less, going for broke at the end.

Luckily, we didn't go broke, Jeff, Liz, Phil, and I, for Jeff found us cheap-o family tickets and even snuck in rum to add to our Cokes. Now that's a nice way to take the edge off a loss, good Jamaican rum. The Caps took the edge off in their own way, with a couple of good fights. Yet another great reason to love hockey.

Last but not least, I love hockey for I can reminisce about my times in Russia, with at least a Russian or two in the stands and on the ice. Its great to have a chance to talk about my drink-a-thons with my host brother Dima back in the day.

Now if you'll excuse me, there's rum left, just enough to make a new drink-a-thon memory tonight.

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