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America, January 20, 2005

Inauguration Party Crashing

Free booze? I don't care whose buying!

good times!
Wait, is that the memo down there?
dork adork b
Thanks for the booze guys!
It's January 20, 2005, and we are celebrating the coronation, oops, I mean inauguration of another four years of President George W. Bush. I couldn't be more unhappy or under whelmed with our 43rd President and I know I am not alone. Hey, I even ran against Bush!

Anyway, we've had the day off, not that I didn't still spend it working at my new job, but now that it's late, I'm headed to an anti-Inauguration party at MCCXXIII, which is a fancy way to say 1223 Connecticut Avenue.

I'm going there to meet up with my friend Nicole who is mourning the loss of her boyfriend as well as the loss of the election. We've decided to meet at 1223 and drink away our multiple pains. Or so we thought.

When I walked up to the door, a few minutes before Nicole, I happened to be in a crowd of suits. Keeping my big mouth shut and following the pinstripes, I soon found myself with a fancy bracelet, and on the fourth floor. It was a private party for Congressmen John Shimkus and Mark Kirk and chock full of political wonks celebrating the election with free food and drinks.

Not one to pass up good booze on the cheap, no matter whose buying, I hit the bar with a smile. Soon, drinks in hand, I noticed that I didn't get the dress code memo. The memo that said every guy should be wearing a suit and looking uptight. I was the only guy there chilling in fly blue shirt and black slacks club attire with a real smile and honest eyes.

This led me to ask every woman in red, gold, white, anything but black if they missed the all-dark suit memo too. Good laughs and fun chatter made me almost forget Nicole. Outside I ran and grabbed her from the door line, using my fancy bracelet to get her up to the free drinks too.

There we double-fisted vodkas as we scanned the room. Nicole struck first and saw a friend of hers, Marcs, who sports a wheelchair with his tux. We made a sweet threesome, chatting up hotties and checking out hunks till the drinks stopped and the crowd thinned. Then it was down to the real anti-Inauguration party we went. I soon bailed, so as not to repeat other adventures with alcohol, but Nicole and her friend stayed. It seems she made friends, for this was her email the next day:

After you left I'm completely convinced that I danced with either DMX or some guy from 50 Cents' G Unit. He kept telling me he'd been shot a few times and really respected me for "stickin' wit my man" after a bullet put him in a chair (aka Marcus).

Um, yeah, so I just let that one roll on down and didn't correct the nice fellow. I SWEAR he was some famous hip hop guy.

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Nowonder,you are a 'b...h...... guy.Check properly the snap! Superb.
Wayan,other four years are for more different countries and their cities to be put down.But it has to be an oil rich connected country.He has to lift his economy. At the end of the day,every price is paid.That's why every dog has its own day.
But tell me,does the UN employees get their wages?If so,for what reasons?Occupying posts or.....?
Give me the light,I'm lost completely and also.

The U.N.? Ha! Who knows what they do besides fly to conferences in beautiful locations and spout a lot of hot air.

Kinda like Bush's new 'budget' that doesn't inclde things like Iraq or Social Security and is try to cut the budget from an inflated number that never was taken seriously to begin with.

Orwell would be proud, Stalin impressed.

Thanx.I think we click. That guy is clever.He appoints exact people who will do the work he's supposed to do but can't because he is unable.[If not naturally]and he remains behind watching knowing that he himself can't do it.[He knows himself]Failure! With him,comprimise and patience are unheard of like winter in the middle of Africa.I can't imagine him in Egypt for peace talks!The Koran and the Bible would face some changes!That's why Rice Condo...[Whatever it is]is where she is now.[Remote controlled.]What else can she do,just to be obedient enough and pocket the profits from the oil.
Her smile also!It consumes my appetite!But anyway even if she is not smiling,you'll think that she is because of the formula!God had no enough time when her turn came.But all in all,she needs some more oil from Iraq to soften her joints.Cold!Too stiff for life!I like watching Robbots doing their stuff.

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