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America, April 13, 2005

Psst... do you know ebXML?

If ya do, wanna go to East Africa this summer?

better than a car!
Your morning commute
Coffee or Tea
Your co-workers
Your weekends
Or do you know someone who does, because I'd love to talk with 'em. I have a Geekcorps project on the beautiful border between Kenya and Uganda, right near where I went whitewater rafting on the Nile, which requires a Systems Integration Geek for four months starting in May.

'What's systems integration?' you ask? Well have you every had a friend or date bore you by saying s/he was a middleware architect, or worked for webMethods, or worse, yapped on about document schemas or data mapping? That would be who I am looking for.

And I would send the Geek to work with three other Geeks on a very cool project to design the links between various border software systems of Kenya and Uganda at the Malaba border crossing. East Africa is trying to form a trade union, something like the European Union, and Malaba happens to be the major border crossing between Kenya and Uganda.

With work done already, the time for a truck to make it though is now 48 hours, down from 4 days, but still way too long. With this integration, they are hoping it could be as short as 4 hours. While that is still long by our zip to Canada or Mexico without slowing down borders, it will be a record for Africa.

Now I can't offer your Geek friend the fat salary s/he is used to. I can offer perks not found in a suburban office park. First off, the Geek will be rubbing elbows with all the movers and shakers in East Africa, getting background on who wants what, and then the project is very high profile, in a Geeky way.

The Geek with have three other Geeks to Geek-out with, and all four will have great liberties in how the project works and what it does. Next, the scenery cannot be beat, as Malaba is a stone's throw from Gorilla habitat, Lake Victoria, the Serengeti, and pretty much all the cool East Africa spots like the Mad House and Hotel Deluxe.

Also, Geekcorps and the local partner will take care of almost all of the Geek's travel costs, from immunizations and visas to airfare and local transportation. In addition, they will live in expat level housing (read nice hotels) and get the State Department per diem rate, which travel junkies will tell you is sweetness itself. A dedicated in-country staff is available for the Geek's needs and daily challenges and rewards are guaranteed.

Sound good? Yeah, if only I knew ebXML, I'd be there myself! Alas, I don't, but I'd love to send you or someone you know, so pass this on to friends and family. Or you can post the ad below to help me out:


Geekcorps Volunteer - Systems Integration
Kenya, East Africa

Geekcorps is in search of systems integration professionals experienced in developing communication systems for integrating international border-related software. The volunteers will work in Kenya and Uganda to design an integration system that will link the immigration, police, customs and cargo tracking systems of Kenya and Uganda at the Malaba border crossing.

At least 3-5 years of professional experience in systems integration including EDI and XML is a must. Knowledge of ASYCUDA, and GAINDE, and database design including MySQL preferred.

Volunteers, of any nationality, willing to work with people and innovate in a developing country environment are needed immediately (May 2005) and would stay in East Africa about four months.

Besides that warm & fuzzy feeling from doing good, Geekcorps offers international airfare and local private transportation, expatriate-level lodging, a generous per-diem and dedicated in-country staff. Daily challenges and rewards are guaranteed.

Still interested? Apply here:

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