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America, August 15, 2005

Smoke Free DC Please

I like my booze and burgers sans butts and burns

no cigs here
Nicole drinks sans smoke
bottoms up
Peter can't stand the ash
Smoke free DC because I value my health. I swim, bike, and run daily not always because I like it, no I do it for my health (and the looks the girlies give me), my health that you injure when you light up next to me. Lets not be overpaid tobacco lawyers here, smoking = cancer. That and smoke knows no boundaries, no zones, no separate seating. Ever see a pee/no pee swimming pool?

Smoke free DC because the stink of cigarettes is repulsive. It gets in your hair, on your clothes, under your skin, and down your lungs. A night out and you have to wash everything - even you sheets - for the stink jumps. When was the last time you heard, "Oh honey, you smell so good, like an ashtray!"

Smoke free DC because I'm tried of your ash in my life. Like men who pee standing up, when you flick your ash, you spray it everywhere when you aim for the ashtray. It floats in the air too, landing in my drink, on my food, in my breath. Thanks. And when you're not flicking ash, you're tagging my new shirt with the lit end, burning a hole in my quality polyester.

Smoke free DC because we're a wanna be LA or NYC - places smoke free already. Let us not loose this to Chicago, we're already behind San Fran and even (gasp!) Montgomery County. If PG County jumps in, we're doomed.

Smoke free DC because its good for the economy. Don't believe the bar owners who moan about loosing sales if seating is sans smoking. Look at NYC or Florida or Montgomery County's tax receipts, all are selling more burgers and booze now that butts and bad air are out.

Smoke free DC because it's the one social topic we can control. Anything more substantial, say guns or schools, and we have some Congressional blowhard messing with us. With California and New York already doing it, and little if any fly-over care or support, they do what they should do, and let us run our city.

Yeah, Smoke free DC. Please.

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1 Comment

Heck yeah! I could've not said it more clear.

Here in Charlotte (NC) they're still thinking about it, but as this is tobacco land it may well take quite a few more burned shirts, grey lungs, extra washing for the cigarrette smell and maybe ten more years to implement it.



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