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America, May 20, 2005

Star Wars III - Yoda is a Badass

Who else cuts through Storm Troopers like butter?

He rocks
Not the head!
Princess Worthy
Her Highness, Princess Leia Organa
Last night, in the midst of hype, crowds, and even a Storm Trooper from Endor, I showed my full Geek colors and stood in a two-hour line to see Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, and I have to tell you... it was good!

George Lucas finally broke out of his stink bomb mode and made a decent move. Yes, it was cheesy, especially the Darth Vader Frankenstein scene which would've only been more over the top had he screamed 'I am alive!', and Lucas sucks at romance, can Anakin be more fake and Padmé more two-dimensional?, but he did recapture the spirit of the original three.

Yoda, now he captured the entire movie. With a staring role, two sweet duels, and life-saving reflexes, the pure power of Yoda was on full display. He's such a badass, all CGI and such, that he got a hearty yell from all in the audience whenever he appeared.

I'm just glad Lucas didn't have his way with us in the audience or I'd be typing much slower today. No less than six hands were sliced from key characters in the movie, including both hands off one guy and two legs off another. That doesn't count the number of heads and such shorn off supporting & secondary peeps either.

Lucas even went so far as to pay homage to the original Terminator's hand. Near the end of the movie, look for the scene where a robotic hand reaches out, grabs the surface, and pulls a damaged but still fighting character along. Straight out of the factory scene in Terminator, when it follows Sarah Connor into the metal press pulling itself along with one good hand, Lucas even uses the same sound effects!

Thankfully, he also used the groove from the first three to make this one, and can now end his Star Wars saga with self-respect, letting the Force be with us all.

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I saw Revenge of the Sith last night, too. It was pretty good, but we didn't have anyone dress up, unfortunately. I was hoping we would.

But I have to say that the movie is not as good as you are saying. You only think it was that good because you are comparing it to those first two poor excuses for movies.

But I agree that it was a pretty good movie in its own right—not the worst I've ever seen to be sure. But I mean come on, I am sure the whole process of him becoming Darth Vader could have been developed a lot more.

I mean, in one breath he is like 'what have I done' and in the other he's like, 'whatever, I'm a dark lord'. WTF?

Oh my gosh, seeing this movie is going to be like going out again with the one-handed man blind date.

Not something I wan to repeat, frankly.

I saw it last night in Glasgow, Scotland, and was really pleased, though the audience was totally wrong for it. No cheering, no booing, and they even left before the credits finished! Blasphemers!

A agree totally with Wayan's comment about the Frankenstein scene. Way too weird. And poor Hayden is just not an actor, bless 'im! But I wept at the reprise of the double-sunset on Tatooine! Really! By using the exact same musical scoring, he instantly won over all the old-time hard-liners for at least the last 30 seconds of the film. :)

One of my questions is, however, why are all the Jedi knights who have no lines such lame fighters? Why do they get killed within seconds of Palpatine's attack?

Saw Star Wars on Sat. night - it was really good.

It was weird though, since everyone hated the last two, I went with low expectations and didn't think they were that bad. This time, since everyone is raving about it, I went and was a little disappointed.

Definitely the best of the three, but Hayden Christenson-while pretty-and Natalie Portman still can't act their way out of a paper bag. Effects were great though, and that's really what it's all about. Oh and Ewan Mac helps a lot too...

What the heck was Samuel Jackson there for? He's a good actor, but I swear he was almost as bad as Hayden and Natalie. Yoda was the best part of the movie.

I didn't like the story.

Didn't make sense to me that Skywalker would kill kids. If he stayed on the side of the Jedis then Padme and him would have been fine. Too much of a departure from the original campy story for me. Not consistent.

Also didn't make sense to me that they could not announce they were going to have a baby. I understand Lucas had to circle around to complete the series but this film was depressing to me.

I think the killing kids part was to show how deep into the dark side he went. Still it was crap that one minute he was good then wham! he's slaying kids and choking his own wife.

Oh and that whole secrecy thing, didn't understand it either. What, Senators can't have husbands? Nor her always waiting around the house, like she wasn't a delegate to the Senate herself. Guess they do then as much as our Senators do now.

Boy! you seriously are a geek nerd! Get a life! LOL, Just kidding.
From your 1st cousin, twice removed, or should I say three times removed since reading this article.
PS: Its always a pleasure to hear from you Wayan, we do love you (wierdo!)

Ok, so things happen slowly in Norwich - finally saw this film last night and I have some questions:

- Six hands? Maybe I wasn't concentrating, but I only counted two sliced. Please elaborate.

- I agree that Yoda was definitely the best thing in this film - and the only Jedi to sense approaching death as order 66 was given.

- C3PO's mind was cunningly cleared at the end of the film but why doesn't R2 ever tell him what happened?

- And Padme was a diappointment - more Princess Margaret than Princess Fiona this time - that was a shame.

Envy you must supress, young Jedi. This Lego Darth Vader you too will have one day:

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