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America, November 29, 2005

The Best Turkey Day Party - Ever!

And it's not even really on Turkey Day either, but no matter

see me?
Just arrived
see me.
Making moves
see me!
Getting close
Every year I wait for it, dream of it, yearn for it, the best house party in the DC metro area. Yeah, better than any that you've ever thrown, or even gone to around here, ever. What party could be this good? So hot I'm willing to cross the Potomac on freezing cold nights? That I've been known to beg for? Only the Todd Boss Annual Thanksgiving House Party!

And you wanna know the secret, why its such a great house party? Because its thrown by Todd Boss of course! Todd, who is a swanky consultant by day is the nicest, coolest guy at night. Making everyone feel loved and at their own home, he attracts clock-stopping hot talent from as far away as NYC just for his house parties. And the Turkey Day house party is his signature event. He's so famous for this party that when he was tardy in organizing this year he sent this apology:

Apparently i'm really late putting out this invitation, late enough that i'm starting to get nervous approaches from various people, first asking if i've left them off the invitation list because I'm mad at them for some reason, and then stating that, "even if you don't have the party, we're breaking into your house and drinking anyway."
Luckily, the party was on and I was there.

Like last year, I took my wingman Carlos, who is the IT guy at my work by day, but a Latin Lover at night. Complete with Spanish and suave style, Carlos plays an A game I can only admire in awe. An A game that last year was going strong long after I passed out. So strong that Carlos called me the next day with this witty recap:

Carlos: So did you see that hottie I was with?
Me: Nope, missed it after I passed out on the couch.
Carlos: Well I need to remember what she looks like, to know if I should call her.
Me: What do you remember about her?
Carlos: All I can remember is making out with her in her IROC-Z
Me, laughing my ass off: IROC-Z? What, you forgot the trailer park, pit bull, and husband?
Carlos: I do remember her having big hair…
This year, Carlos brought backup - a Portuguese friend to keep him in line. I don't know how well that worked as I was busy getting out of line. Yapping with Todd's Dad about surfing, while drinking like a fish, I jumped in and out of conversations, photographs, and party rooms, being the social butterfly you know and love. Somehow I had my palm's love, life, and work lines mapped in Sharpie Marker, drank way too much, and by the looks of my shirt, spilled a few drinks.

Yeah, as you might imagine, more than that happened but I can't tell you everything now can I?

Anyway, it was an amazing party as it is every year. Next year, start begging early so you too can join the Todd Boss Annual Thanksgiving House Party.

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Wayan! Glad you came, glad you had a good time. Great party; here's a link to all the pix:

Your Host, Todd

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