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America, June 16, 2005

The Perfect Gift: A Bulgari SD 38 SG

It's bling bling for big boys

A real Bulgari
The SD 38 SG
A Bulgari SD 38 SG
Looking Good!
More Photos:
In the box
On its side
Close-up of the face
The back of the watch
How it looks on my arm
Father's Day is just around the corner and I bet you're still looking for that perfect gift for him. One that says, "Dad you rock" in a way that will stun his friends. Well look no longer as I now have the perfect last-minute super-bling for Pa that will have Mom shaking her head and his friends whistling in awe - a real Bugari watch for cheap.

Yeah, I know you're wondering what I'm up to, pimping watches, but this one is legit. Bought by my ex-wife's high roller brother and given to me as a wedding present, this Bulgari watch was never worn, and now that I'm divorced, it can be yours. It's swank beyond my humble style as I don't wear watches, any jewelry for that matter, and would go far in paying off marriage debts from Jingmei I still suffer with.

It's a Bulgari SD 38 SG, a stainless steel men's watch that can only be found in Asia. Not only is it exclusive, its also expensive, or at least to me. The only reference I can find for it is this Korean website that lists a $3,800 USD-equivalent price .

You can check out the photos of it to the left (click on them for larger images) and I would be willing to go with you to have it verified as real. Any appraisal costs would be yours.

As you can tell, its a beautiful watch and would go good on your man's or dad's arm. It has all the extra links so it can fit anyone and its in mint condition - even the plastic is still on the band and back. And yes, it works, keeping time perfectly.

So be a dear, think of your dad as you check the pics and be ready to snap up the deal of the day: A real Bulgari watch on the cheap. Oh, the price, it's $2,800 and firm so be serious, please.

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Would EBay work, in this case? If no, why not?

Ebay would work - I just wanted to give you, my loyal readers, first dibs. Its a great deal on a cool watch.

Unfortunately, my finances sing romances at the moment... Hope other readers are in a better shape. Good luck!

Does the demographics of the bellybuttonwindow readership include dudes/dudettes with the kind of cashflow to purchase this fabulous deal?

Always imagined your faithful readers as travellers that need little material goods...or at least spent their dinarios mindfully.

However, you don't really need eBay when you post something on the www...a good search engine will pick it up and voila! you got a buyer. Wayan, you know what you're doing - keep it up!

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