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America, February 28, 2005

Twenty Hours of Travel

Three meals, three continents, one long-ass day.

faster than an ass
Next time I bust ass
Goodnight Africa
Bridget Jones is on the telle, doing her thing for the second time, this time with Dutch subtitles. I'm in 31C, laptop out doing my thing, writing my website while hurtling through time and space at some ungodly speed. Now over the Atlantic, soon to be in Washington DC, with Saharan sand still staining my shirt.

Last night, in the heat of Accra, I had my last African meal for a while. Large crayfish, called lobster here, with chips and a Star beer, all severed with a side of heat and a sheen of sweat. Then it was on an overnight flight to Amsterdam, where a -8C stiff wind reminded me that winter was still alive while I wandered streets looking for breakfast.

With an omelet, toast, and tea warming me, I saw Amsterdam in a new light. The soft light of dawn that in the half-dozen times I've passed through was never so weak against the chill I felt in my bones.

Too much tanning in Africa has thinned my blood, which is a good thing since I am now on another ass-busting clot-forming eight-hour flight to Washington. Luckily, I'm on KLM, which rocks cuz coming down the isle is the ice cream lady. Yeah, that's right, ice cream, and we all scream for ice cream!

Next up will be a snowstorm landing and Immigration in Dulles, then a long taxi ride to work, where lunch and thee weeks of unfinished business awaits.

It's back to the daily grind for Wayan, with only memories and tan lines to remind me of my three weeks in West Africa. Memories from sunrise on the Sahel, to sunset at Pointe des Almadies, with mid-day at Labadi Pleasure Beach in between.

Tough life, I know.

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1 Comment

When I look at those animals,one lying down and others standing,cool as they look,soft skins as they look,I just imagine how warm they might be feeling! Hm! Some few days back,I read one of our local newspapers here and they were trying to how the horses were trying to get food from the snow that they were standing in!I just said;Oh my God! It reminds of one of our people who boarded a crowded bus going back home.But when he reached home,he was asked whether the bus had so many people on it as it is known to carry excess. And remember the bus was crowded,innit?The poor old guy said he did not see anybody on the bus!Meaning that he did not see any one from his race on the bus!!! And now back to me,I just looked at the horses standing in the snow and..........
I at times feel like freezing to the point,but when I look outside and see cows grazing,I just ask myself how these poor creatures manage to chew that cols grass!Amazing.
Wayan,nature is something I can't really understand. Sometime back,I heard about the hurricane,tornados,and those stuff that visited the carribean land,cuba,your place!Some have people's name,oh my God!
Then recently,the Tsumani earthquake also did it's turn though it is these days trying to stroll around that place,I just say hmm!
Then down to the equator,it is 'poverty','ignorance',tropical diseases,natural fruits and vegetables,sun,manual work,'sadines'[matatu-taxi],corruption,civil wars,eeh man,the list is long.
But when I look at the photo that is on this page where you said goodbye Africa,I just can't stop imagining how those people are gonna enjoy their traditional food at dinner [real fish],retire to their warm beds in their bedrooms with out these funny radiators that burn me to the bone! These guys can't fight with their 'heavy' duvets in the middle of the night because they've rebelled to do their part[fallen from the bed]! Man,remember that early morning when you had no jumper with you!But do it here,they'll find you frozen to death.This week a teeneger went to a party and bought some 'ecstacy'to contribute to his fun.But when he was going back home,the stuff he took overdid the job and he just lied down or maybe collased and was frozen to death.The following day they just got him and was as stiff as anything!
Then I enjoy the way you asked the poor young guy whether he knows the 'longitude'.You really got it there!!!Exactly!I just laughed as I don't usually give a damn to those sitting near me.With your stories Wayan,one can't help laughing or get going when you talk about your late dad.
Anyhow,then you asked another poor young chap that do you know a 'bird'?As I'm now writting this,I'm laughing.
That guy's dreams come true when he happens to see one.Talk about screaming,calling other agemates,mouth wide open,running like rockets,hmmm! But not only concord,I see people here looking up when a bird passesby.It's natural,innit?

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