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America, October 24, 2005

Will You Buy Me?

Crossbows need TLC too, ya know

little dots
Buy me, baby!
Help me.

I've been here a year now, hanging out in this living room, never used and only abused. Abused with plants, coats, umbrellas and such, hanging from me, but never once touched the right way. Nope, never cared for, never noticed, he ignored me, even cheated on me, even used another instead of me.

Now he too has gone, leaving me alone, forlorn, and destined for the Dumpster if not saved soon. Would you be for me? Would you want to touch me, work me, drip sweat on me? I'd like that, yes I would. I'm told that for $100 you could do this and more to me. Do anything you want with me. Hey, I'd like that more than you know.

Now all I'm touched by is dust, all I feel is alone, all I know is obsolescence. Save me, free me, buy me. I want to be yours.

I promise I'll not mock you like I did Francis. I'll not tease you like I did he. I'll be here for you, waiting for you, needing you. I'll make you strong, I'll make you sexy, and by next spring, I'll even make you a man. All you need is to buy and abuse me like you know you want to. I'll even squeak out your name too.

All that for one Ben Franklin. And what is he to you anyway? You've already traded him for too many beers. That's what's making you look at me now anyway. And think of this, if you get me now, before the New Year's resolution rush, you'll be getting one hell of a deal. That and a rocking hot body by that deep winter beach trip you're usually too shy to take.

Yeah, you know you want me. I'm here for you. Right here, waiting. Now drop my man a line & free me into your life.

Cross Bow
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Yes I want you and need you but I've always felt you were unattainable. Always leaving with the one with more bling and cash and me standing forlorning maybe only getting a one-night stand at a friend's or worse, only getting a glance at you longingly through a mall window.

I see glimpses of you on TV and I cannot bear to look; wanting you and not having you has been a burden that I've beared for too long. I tried the others though and they never measured up to you. Maybe it's because I couldn't have you that I feel like you're the answer to my prayers.

I hope that you won't disappoint me, or I won't disappoint myself and not be with you like I should when I do finally have you in my arms. Will I use you and abuse you?

Yes I dare say I want to and I can think of all the ways that I can caress you and let you feel me. I'll pick you up anytime from anywhere.

Please choose me to be the one that loves you.

I could probably free you. Bring you into a home where you will be adored the way you were made to be. No longer abused, ignored, you will find your rightful place as I caress your chrome body.

The one catch; in my house there is both a man and a woman. And she likes to play with the likes of you as much as you do. Think you could handle that?

Do say "Yes"

Oh the joy I feel, the love I see, the interest you have. Let it be real, let you be true, let me be free... tonight. Can you come rescue me from disuse tonight? I can dissassemble to rather small, a trunk and backseat even, just for you.

I will be honest though, there are others who yearn for me too. If you can commit to me, to night, to 7-9pm, first, I'll be yours.

Cross Bow

Cher Cross,

I doubt not that you are coveted by many; how could you not be? It's not only your physical beauty, tho' that must not be discounted. It's your - presence, your expressiveness, the way you articulate your yearning so beautifully.

Let me check with my partner in crime (and the crimes are many, and deep) and see if we can confirm. If not, alas, I know that I will have to let you go, for it would not be fair to keep one such as you bound....

Ah, the joy, the love, the travel. I am gone now, transported to another home, a new mater, real use. Thank you one, thank you all, I am now free!

Dude, you need to go abroad again. You're starting to sound seriously yuppified.

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