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Peace Corps, August 13, 1997

Sasha is Blonde Ambition

Sasha is the Ryazan Disco King

disco time in ryazan
Party time at Wayan's!
In every city there is a Sasha, a guy so cool he is loved by everyone. I am lucky enough to be friends with Sasha, and as this photo proves, we even party together. Hell, I first met him on the dance floor of the disco in Ryazan.

When I went to the disco, Jennifer said I should look for the guy with dyed blonde hair. At first I thought it was a joke, since almost all the women here dye their hair blonde, not the men, but there he was.

Sasha is "the Man" here, in all the cool contractions of that phrase. He knows all the bands, styles, and people who make things happen in this country. Even his girlfriend is beautiful and sexy, just making him seem cooler and more suave.

Click on the photo to see the party in my living room. Sasha (on the right) looks like he has brown hair, strange... From Sasha to the left its Jennifer; the PCV I was to replace, Marina; a volunteer at the EAC, Jessica; a PCV, Diana, and Tina; another PCV who left in September with Jennifer.

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