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Peace Corps, October 27, 1997

Heather's Self-Determining Students

Wanna see the edge of Russian schools? Take a look here!

Find the lone American in this photo!
Heather and her Mad Class
There is a PCV here in Moscow who teaches at a very strange school. Heather's school is called the School of Self-Determination. The students have a lot of freedom in their course selection, not normally the case in Russia, and the kids run with it. In two of the classes she teaches, the students can choose her class or three other classes, on a daily basis. Needless to say, the kids are a handful. For the past week or so, I've been hanging out with Heather and her students, teaching them English slang and mannerisms. So far they know 'chilling,' 'speak to the hand,' and 'whatever.'

I enjoyed going to her school, especially since the school offered tasty lunches dirt cheap. I could get a full lunch with soup, mystery meat, and a vegetable for about $1. I hope she invites me back in spite of the applesauce incident!

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