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England, October 2, 2000

Dreaming of Wandering Wayans

And I was just happy I could dream in color!

After Ulan Ude, a huge floating Lenin head would haunt your dreams too!
Lenin chose his own name
Like I say, its a common name
I wish it was my cafe!
My left arm is not that smal  these days
I am the cutest Wayan too
What do the bushes have to say about this?
Wonder if they have dreams?
Images from my dreams:
hell of a morning commute on Kho Pha Ngan
Road trains will wake you in the Nulabour

I love living my life in the public spotlight. Only with a website on my life would I have fun email exchanges like this one:

Subject: names and kids
Date: Tuesday, 03 October 2000
From: pamela s.
To: wayan

I dreamed I had a baby named Wayan. Was does the name translate to? Any help would be great.

Pamela S


Subject: Re: names and kids
Date: Wednesday, 04 October 2000
From: wayan
To: pamela s.

Now this is a new one. I've never had an email quite like it, but I do think I can answer your Q.

Wayan is a Balinese name (as in the island of Bali in Indonesia). The island is the only Hindu/Animist island in a nation of Muslims, so it's developed a very unique culture. Within that Hindu structure are castes, like worker, farmer, intellectual, priest, high priest, chief, etc, that is defined by parentage (father I believe).

One of the most common (or so it seemed to me) caste uses Wayan as the name for all first born children (boy or girl) with Katack as one of the names for the second born and something I forgot as three, with kid four being Wayan again. As you may imagine, there are a few Wayans on the island.

To keep everyone straight, a unique middle name is used to denote gender (Surya means sun and is masculine) and both first and second names are used in speech.

I am an American, which gave the Balinese fits when I went back, for they couldn't believe any non-Balinese would have a local name.

It is interesting that you dreamed of Wayan. Have you seen any Bali related film or read any books on Indonesian history recently? I can't think of a single occurrence in a daily life that would bring the name to mind (except for my awesome site that is).

Anyway, I hope I answered your question, and I'd suggest going to Bali (flights leave daily) if you want to explore the issue further.



Subject: Re: names and kids
Date: Thursday, 05 October 2000
From: pamela s.
To: wayan

Dear Wayan-

Thank you very, very much for getting back to me on this. No, I did not read anything about Bali recently. I am just way too psychic for my own good.

I am an herbalist and homeopath here in the states and have had psychic dreams ever since I was a little girl. I just grew up thinking everyone had them.

I few years ago I dreamed I was building a garden. A woman appeared telling me that if I wanted him to manifest I needed to be one with the earth (I know it sounds a bit silly- but it gets better) she then told me to rub mud all over my exposed parts- and he appeared- A Dali Lahma Tibetan figure, smiling. We were then in a room where he was to appear again. A card appeared with writing in a language I didn't recognize.

It turns out- I recognized the writing on this CD called The Prayer Cycle -an album that compiled many different artists from around the world - all singing these prayers for the healing of the earth-all sung in different languages. I was so excited to find this CD that told my boyfriend about it who I had been dating for a few months. He was weirded out (probably as much as you were) because not only is it a very obscure CD- but that he was playing an intergal part in bringing it to life at the Performing Arts Center in Sarasota, FL. He not only knew the man that produced the album, but one of his best friends was the musician who played with James Taylor on one of the cuts. Creepy, huh?

Another strange thing is that before I ever met this man- he had been heavily involved with Bob Thurman and Richard Gere in the Tibetan House -meeting with the Dai Lahma many times.

If you travel a lot (and it sounds like you do) you may want to check out India in January. There is an amazing thing happening there- it's called the Maha Kumbha Mela- the Hindu Celebration of the Vessel- (Or the elixir of Life) all the Hindu saints and sages are convening there because there is some planetary alignment that happens every 140 years in the month of January. They are meeting to pray for the healing of the earth and to summon Vishnu. If you're interested, this woman Shelley at the Himalayan Institute can send you more info on it. Here's her # (570) 253-5551 -X1301.

I guess by the looks of it- the spirits must be trying to tell me something- my dream of a baby boy named Wayan - a Hindu name- and the chance that I may go to India in January.

Sorry for rambling to you, a total stranger, but I do believe there's a reason for everything. Hope it wasn't too boring for you.

Take Care,


Subject: Re: Re: names and kids
Date: Saturday, 07 October 2000
From: Mom and Dad
To: wayan

The e-mails from the woman who dreamed of Wayan was unusual to say the least, but life is full of strange coincidences.

James Taylor was at our Formentera, Spain house when he sang, "I've seen fire and I've seen rain." I don't know if he wrote it there, or just made it up as he sang, or was just checking the sound effects of our water cistern. We were so awed that we didn't question him, just enjoyed his singing.

So, it's weird that she would mention her boyfriend played in James Taylor's band. Also, strange that she talks of India, Hinduism, and Buddaism, after we were in a Buddhist country: China.

Life is full of coincidences isn't it?


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