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England, November 20, 2000

Siemens' AstroLove

Some daze a big WAP really pulls the birds

I'm into Siemens production/distrobution
Yeah, I love my big WAP
It takes two beauties to carry my WAP
And chicks dig it too
All this time I'm spending in London is not as fun as you might think. With the cold rain a daily intruder into my life, I have to work hard to stay dry and warm. After a little discussion and much foolery with the heater, my housemates and I have reached a truce. I get a heater in my room and no one gets killed. Very pleasant, really.

In addition to heat-fights, I've actually had to work. Yes, I was trudging around London, doing manual labor for the first time in over a year. Luckily for me, I got to look good doing it. With my friend Gemini, we joined a group of beautiful people in promoting Sienmen's WAP-enabled mobile telephones.

Our in handing out information and goodies was fun, with the exception of Phone Duty. We had to take turns lugging around a huge mobile phone so the random club-kids could see who joe-cool WAP technology is.

After all those hours waiting for the phone to work, I'm not so excited about WAP. Too much hassle for a tiny, text-only display that takes ages to load. And if ya have a phone to begin with, its so much easier and quicker just to call people instead of browsing their site.

The gig was a good laugh though. With Steve flirting with the managers, Nikki having bonfires, Katey showing off her big hands, and me constantly eating chocolate we rolled from on event to the next with smiles and laughter. Now if they would just hurry up and pay me!

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