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Tanzania, February 22, 2003

Oh the Dust, Dirt, and Stink!

Sean's feet stink can kill!

a lobster bisque per chance?
Christina cooking it
a Chardonay per chance?
Sean pumping it
When Sean first proposed this African adventure that we're currently on, he didn't say anything about this! He didn't mention a word about camping out in the bush for a week straight, without the benefits that four thousand years of civilization has brought to mankind.

He didn't say we'd have to make our own drinking water by hand-pumping it through a ceramic filter. He didn't say we'd be cooking pasta and sauce or sauce and pasta over an open flame on the back of a Land Rover. And he didn't say that I'd have to sleep in a tent the whole time.

Actually, all these things were not so bad, for I've done them all before when, each summer during school, my folks and I would drive around the USA, Mexico, and Canada with a tent and a smile.

It's the lack of the basics that really gets to me. The idea that I have to make a shower from a two liter water bottle and a bucket, bathing quickly before a hyena thinks I'll taste even better clean, or that for toilets, we'd get some toilet paper and a few low bushes to hide behind.

Worst of all, as we're out in the bush, I can't do the two things that give me the most pleasure while I travel through this life, a decent party-time and Internet access. Yeah, call me shallow, but I prefer the urban zoos full of animals on two legs to the National Parks full of animals on four legs.

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