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Philippines, June 13, 2006

Nice shoes, Imelda!

Sparkling, just like her dress and her presence

one of a thousand pairs
Imelda needs a tan
Heading out to dinner last night, I notice there is a security commotion at the Peninsula Hotel lobby front door. People are being frisked more thoroughly than normal and there are brown-shirted security guards roaming the corners of the huge atrium lobby.

Wondering what's up, I asked the concierge who the fuss was about. To his credit, he shrugged off the whole disturbance as nothing special, but I knew better.

That's when I asked the leggy blonde (hey I told you to hide your women!) and whipped out the camera.

There in the lobby of the Peninsula Hotel, the hero to all shoe-fetish women worldwide with her quote "I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty," was none other than Ms. Imelda Romualdez Marcos.

Looking a radiant 76, she tolerated my total tourist annoyance with much more grace and charm than I expected. She even had one of her security detail take this photo of us.

After the photo, as I excused myself, I looked down.

Nice shoes, Imelda!

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Wow, you do meet the most fasinating women of any age!
Did Imelda wear spikes or snazzy pumps or little old lady 2 inch flats?

Please tell me you hit that.

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