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Philippines, June 11, 2006

Swimming in Sweat

Running in the pool would be cooler

sweet smell of sweat
Wet with sweat
See that sheen on my face? How it looks like I just jumped out of a pool?

While I may be soaked as if I went swimming, that's all sweat. Hot, man-sweat from a 10km run in downtown Manila. Downtown Manila after a thunderstorm, which means its only around 110% humidity, enough that I soak through my shirt before I even get around the block.

Now why would I be running in the afternoon heat of an equatorial country? Why would I be punishing myself so instead of self-medicating with a margarita poolside? What drives me to loose pounds of water weight three times a week?

How about a crazy desire to run a triathlon the weekend after I get back to Washington DC?. Yep, call me insane, everyone else is, but I plan to going for a second Charlottesville Sprint Triathlon the Sunday after I return.

Before you shrug and say, "So what?" let me describe the 48 hours leading up to that race. First there will be the 18 hour flight from Sri Lanka to Taiwan. Then an overnight of drunken exploits in Taipei, followed by another 20 hours of flying back to Washington DC, arriving post-red eye from LA on Saturday morning.

Saturday, Mom and I will drive to Charlottesville, where I, lost somewhere in jet lag, will attempt to beat last year's record time in agony.

Now that you know the goal, do you sympathize with my global efforts? Do you feel my pain as tasty exotic foods float in front of me, pool boy brought margaritas are consumed next to me, and all I can think is; "Its time to train"?

Okay, can you at least pretend?

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Better keep training!

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