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England, December 4, 2000

Popping the 'BIG Q'

Playboy Wayan wakes up with a ring on his finger!

Worthy of many, many rings
Those are huge hands!
What was I thinking?
Guinness or Marriage?
I know you would rather get a personal letter from me, but some daze the web is better because I can be sure of the presentation. Right about now you are probably sitting at your desk reading this, which is good, because my news is gonna shock you.

Now, I was thinking about doing it for a while now. I first thought about it when Jingmei and I were on a Thai beach, but I dismissed the though at the time as foolish. Then, over the past few months as we lived in the UK, I though about it seriously.

I was planning on doing it on a warm moonlit Florida beach this Christmas, with the stars and surf forming a romantic backdrop. Unfortunately, that plan didn't happen. Instead, I did it on a clear, crisp afternoon in an Oxford park.

I asked Jingmei to marry me.

Yes, you read that last sentence right, Playboy Wayan is settling down. After many years and many women, I've found Miss Right and I can't think of a single reason why we shouldn't tie the knot. Luckily for me, Jingmei is of the same mind and agreed with my wild proposal.

Neither of us are the type to make a decision and then wait around to follow through with it, so there's no long wait between the proposal and the marriage. We're planning on a simple service in January at Oxford. Of course, if you're around then, you're more than welcome to join us on that happy day. We'll need two witnesses anyway because we're waiting until her graduation in September before we bring the families together for a group hug.

Oh yeah, all you conspiracy theorist can chill-out too. There ain't no kid or shotgun-wielding Dad rushing us into this. There is a very elegant method in our insane madness and as soon as we figure it out, we'll tell ya.

England, November 27, 2000

Somebody Calls It 'Art'

Bill's Nantes triptych will knock you off your feet The Tate confuses planes too Agh! Floating heads again! Impressive Do you understand modern art? I mean, can anyone understand it all? Yesterday, my friend Malenea was in London from Denmark and we went to the Tate Gallery of Modern Art...

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England, November 20, 2000

Siemens' AstroLove

Some daze a big WAP really pulls the birds Yeah, I love my big WAP And chicks dig it too All this time I'm spending in London is not as fun as you might think. With the cold rain a daily intruder into my life, I have to work hard...

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England, November 13, 2000

The GMAT Grindstone

Learning Russian was easier than this damn GMAT test! Sample GMAT Questions Two cars start out with one car 104 miles to the east of the other car. The car which was originally to the east of the other car travels east at a speed of 34 miles per hour...

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England, October 9, 2000

Gotta Gets Me a Job!

Hey you! Yeah, you sitting there reading this. Hire me, please! What about a bicycle recycler? traveling accountant's office Interests: Nude Shaving I need a job. No, I really, really need a job. Yes, after a year and a half of globe trotting and good living, I'm low on cash....

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England, October 2, 2000

Dreaming of Wandering Wayans

And I was just happy I could dream in color! Lenin chose his own name I wish it was my cafe! I am the cutest Wayan too Wonder if they have dreams? Images from my dreams: I love living my life in the public spotlight. Only with a website on...

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England, September 25, 2000

London's Callbox Eye Candy

try not to be obviously excited when you use a London call box Now who are you talking to? Much better than Pokemon! 'Very Superior Bitch' Will she wash my clothes too? Girl About Town Magazine, September 25, 2000 Going Bonkers By Jill Eckersley Do you find all those sex...

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England, September 18, 2000

Sunday, Boring Sunday in Belfast

Belfast does not party on Sunday What a rock face! Big Toys for Big Boys The sandcastle mold form Bigger than a Wuhan Air plane How the hell do I get myself into these situations? You would think by now, that after a few thousand miles of traveling under my...

England, September 11, 2000

Taxation Without Representation

Welcome to Britain, now pay taxes! Even Leo the Lion is pissed Not a single car at the pumps Today I was surprised in the middle of my resume writing by the UPS guy. Usually I am very happy to see these men in brown, for they always bring good...

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England, September 4, 2000

Home Sweet Home!

I never knew how much women loved to cook, but only at home Cooking up a storm of steam The corner cell phone dealer I'm here in the kitchen, watching Jingmei cook up a storm and I couldn't be happier. Yes, I do enjoy her cooking, for she is an...

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England, August 28, 2000

What's a Dryer?

Like a kid, Jingmei can't stop asking 'why?' Jingmei knows how to wash Honey, get in to dry your hair Mom will never believe this! With the washer out at the apartment, we're staying at; Jingmei and I headed to the Laundromat down the street. As I threw in the...

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England, August 21, 2000

You Want £400 a Month For That!

Flat shopping in London wears out your shoes and wears down your resistance to dirt Jingmei's view of flat shopping Tough life in Oxford dorms Its 11am on a Saturday and I've just woken up a house full of serious party people. I didn't plan on disturbing such fun kids,...

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England, August 14, 2000

The West is the Best

Its so nice to be censorship free again! No duck bicycles in the UK I've been in London about 15 hours so far, and it might be my lack of sleep, intense jet lag, or one too many pints last night, but for some odd reason, this city is filled...

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