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Tanzania, March 3, 2003

Nungwe Ain't Much, Really

Don't believe the Nungwe hype

I'm not pushing it
Great parking, Captain!
bright red & tasty
Pretty, eh?
With all the hype, there was no way it really could do it. No, Nungwe, billed in the Lonely Planet as the coolest beach in East Africa, was built up too much to survive the hype it's cursed with, especially when its judged by someone who's been to Koh Samui.

Now don't get me wrong, for it's a nice beach and all, and if you've been bouncing around the back of Land Rover for a few weeks in the Serengeti, its awfully sweet, but it really doesn't compare to Thailand. Not that any beach really could.

Anyway, I arrived on a sweltering afternoon to Nungwe, which isn't much more than a few basic hut hotels and restaurants on a pristine white-sand beach that faces the straight between Zanzibar and the mainland.

Sheltered from Indian Ocean swells, it's a relaxing place to zone out in, sipping Kilimanjaro beers until the formaldehyde preservatives kick-in with a mean headache. Luckily, that usually happens well after you've enjoyed a few at sunset and then wandered down to a bonfire or two.

Now me being alone and all, I found Nungwe to be fun for all of 20 minutes, so without further delay, I took my leave of it, Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, and all of Tanzania, heading back to Kenya after two days vegetating.

Like I said, Nungwe ain't much, really.

Tanzania, March 1, 2003

Forget Dar, Head to Z-Bar!

Zanzibar's nightlife makes up for the daylight Even the artists wilt! Bye Bye Dar! So I get off the bus from Arusha, and I step into the oven they call Dar es Salaam. The name translates as something like 'Port of Peace', but it should really translate as 'Damn, its...

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Tanzania, February 24, 2003

My Kingdom for a Knee!

I'll trade my right toe for a good left knee My nemisis Smiling with 600mg of ibuprofen Baboon TLC Oh, my poor left knee, my trick knee, and my great weakness in my impervious health.In second grade the trouble started when fell and split open my knee-cap on a gutter,...

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Tanzania, February 22, 2003

Oh the Dust, Dirt, and Stink!

Sean's feet stink can kill! Christina cooking it Sean pumping it When Sean first proposed this African adventure that we're currently on, he didn't say anything about this! He didn't mention a word about camping out in the bush for a week straight, without the benefits that four thousand years...

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Tanzania, February 20, 2003

The Circle of Perfection

Don't believe the Ngorongoro Crater hype Vervets love the Landie African Road Hazzards The Ngorongoro Crater is a majestic act of nature to behold, for it's the world's largest perfect caldera, or collapsed volcano, with a perfectly circular and steep rim encircling a flat valley floor filled with all of...

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Tanzania, February 18, 2003

Simba Sex, Serengeti Style

Serengeti Simba Sex Rocks! -foreplay- -action- -rest- Okay guys, here's a new way to enjoy the pleasure of a woman. A way that I hope to explore at the earliest opportunity: Simba Sex, Serengeti Style.First, you separate a lioness from the pride, then lead her over to a roadside, preferably...

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Tanzania, February 17, 2003

Humble on the Plain

Its all Natural in the Serengeti My Fearless Leaders The King of the Road Baboons are family too It's alive. This sea of grass that extends as far as I can see is alive. Every square inch, from the dung beetle that is pushing her prize ball past my foot,...

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Tanzania, February 12, 2003

Disco Dancing at Hotel Deluxe

I can shake my booty better than you! Bootie time! And time again! Its early Thursday morning, 3am to be exact and there is a taxi traffic jam outside my hotel in Mwanza. This in a city that has maybe 50 cars max, all used imports from Japan with some...

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