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Russia, October 13, 1997

Hi Al! Mozhna Photographia?

Al is gonna need better photos to be President!

The VP duo doing their thing
The next prez??
This week I went to see Al. Hmm, I guess he is actually Vice President Al Gore, but that's all so formal. Anyway, Al and Tipper were in Moscow this week for his usual chat with the Russian Prime Minister, who's name is too long and twisted for me to attempt, but sounds like Chernobyl.

I made a special poster for Al, so he would not forget that there were a few PCV's hoping he would ask Mr. Chernobyl if we could have our passports and visas back. Seems Al did remember us, and we got our visas back, but it pissed off the Ministry of Foreign Affairs even more.

On Al's way out after the speech, I got a photo shaking hands with him. Why didn't I put that one instead of this plain vanilla shot? Well he wasn't to photogenic at that moment, and I was way to close to the camera, so you'll just have to imagine it.

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