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Russia, December 22, 1997

It's My First Xmas in Russia

Don't get you hopes up December 24th, the next day ain't xmas in Russia

Wendy is the best Xmas elf you could ever want under your tree!
PCV's making a merry mess
Christmas Day I had to work. Not that I have a slave-driving boss, but Christmas is celebrated on January 7th here, the Orthodox Christmas, not December 25, the Catholic Christmas. Not much was happening that day, most of the expats are home in America, so I spent the day talking with my staff as we worked. They were quite informative on the wiley subjects of men and marriage in Russia.

After work I went to the Peace Corps office, where all the PCV's stationed in Moscow were getting together for an Xmas dinner. The dinner was good, especially the chicken someone bought at the metro exit. We laughed and giggled through a few games and a gift exchange before heading off to our diverse homes.

In the end it was lonely, even with all my friends here, because my family was not.

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