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America, December 31, 2004

Searching for the Sun

I'm tired of being ass-white

Dear God, some sun, please!
Praying for a sunny day
hey, how 'bout this?
Something like this...
For five hours today we chased it. North along the Florida coast, we would see it, enjoy it, and then have to drive in a mad rush to find it again. Like cat and mouse, it teased us with golden light, only to hide when it warmed our skin. Then it would reappear, draping a distant building in vibrant color, receding as we approached.

Now we didn't go on this hunt blindly. No, we knew exactly what we were looking for. Or at least I did, for I hunt for it often, from the beaches of Turkey, to rivers in Russia, to fields China, to islands in Thailand, and even during a swimming pool survey of Uganda.

This day I spent the morning studying satellite maps, wind patterns, cloud cover, and highway systems to find it. And we didn't mosey. From dawn onward, we were focused, we were driven, we were always in the shade.

See, we were hunting sunlight. The skin warming, heat giving, tan making sunlight that we came down here for. We being my friends Christian from Finland, his wife Jenni from Russia, and I, from the snow-swept capital of this fair land. Pale we three are, suntan we want to be, and there is only one true way to tan - by the sun!

No fake and bake tanning bed, no orange spray tan, no false positives of that sort. The only acceptable tan is a sun-given kiss to the skin, a kiss we three so want during our short stay in Florida. Christian is here for a month, Jenni for three weeks, me for only nine short days, four of which were overcast and rainy already.

Today we dropped all pretenses, all morals, and all rational thought and ran north, searching in vain for a bright yellow orb, unencumbered by cloud. Dodge the Nimbostratus, outrun the Altocumulus, and curse the Cirrus! Alas we tried all three, and yet we could only point to empty fuel gauges and bright white skin.

Tomorrow is a new day and we hope to have new luck. I am down here in Florida to see Mom for Christmas. She, the last of my nuclear family, is the luck we needed. Today she was busy, but on the morrow she will be with us, drawing Ra's light to our station, and blessing us with what we so desire - the pleasure of a good suntan.

May your tomorrow and your 2005 be filled with such pleasures too, Happy New Year!


America, December 18, 2004

I Miss You Dad

A year later, the pain is still there. The Vota Family Dad,Its been a year since you left us. Year since I felt your touch, heard your voice. A year. 365 days that have not passed without me thinking of you. Or, actually thinking of your death. More than any...

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America, November 26, 2004

Adventures With Alcohol

Friday night starts with me rounding up two of my crew, my housemate Frances and my coworker Carlos, for a little pre-drink. Slamming vodka straight, we get lit before we even leave the house. Then we head down to Adams-Morgan, to a bar where Carlos knows the bartender, and we hammer more drinks. Soon I have Frances working two girls in from outta town. Military types maybe, but horny types definite.

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America, November 22, 2004

Tonic cures what ails you

And what ailes me too! Regulars love me Jeremy dyes for us Before the mud In our Kball glory I love working at Tonic, a local restaurant and bar on Mt Pleasant Street. Now I don't really work there for the money, that's for the day job to provide, I...

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America, October 22, 2004

I Have (Another) New Job

This one I really, really, wanna keep! A halo of happiness Just when you thought I could be fat and happy working for CEELI, I've up and quit. Why? Because on Monday I am starting a dream job, a job that combines my love of travel, my inner computer nerd,...

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America, October 18, 2004

2004 Day Planner: MIA

And the pox on he who has it now! Agh!!!! I must accept it now. I cannot deny it any longer. My 2004 Day Planner is gone. A year's worth of entries, everything from activities, to apportionments, to account codes, gone. Private ruminations on my father's death, on job hunting,...

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America, October 4, 2004

I am a Guppy Dad!

Yeah you read that right, I am now a proud father Baby Guppy in a month Not Super Guppy Stumbling half-asleep into my living room this morning, I was mid-way into feeding my many fish when I realized I am a new Dad. There, wiggling its way along the edge...

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America, September 27, 2004

Don't Mess with the Republicans

Cuz some of them are too cute for their own good You happy to have Bush? Bush wilts under stress Let go my Eggos! At least Repubs are cute Is that a finger or gun? As close as she'll get Editors Note: My friend Emily, while a lovely woman, has...

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America, September 20, 2004

Segways are Sidewalk SUV's

Send them to the streets, where they belong! Third Wheel = Stable Inspiring confidence in both America's laziness has reached yet another pinnacle of inactivity, for yesterday, on my four-mile lunch run to the Capitol Building and back, I spotted a new and shocking sight. Seven people on a tour...

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America, September 4, 2004

Hurricane Frances is F'ing Up My Weekend

And maybe my whole month! A bruise A boil A bummer I hope your Labor Day weekend is anything but laborious. I hope you are on a beach, a barbeque, or a backyard, soaking up the sun and toasting the end of summer. I hope you are enjoying this last...

America, August 23, 2004

Just say 'No' to YES

Unless you really do like space music What's happening? Who? No, YES. Concerts. Why do people go to music concerts? I've never figured this out, as to me I find them so damn boring. First off the music is painfully loud, and only rarely better than what a decent home...

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America, August 16, 2004

Getting Gold in the ABA Olympics

I didn't even break a sweat I'm ready! Jessica & Crew My Crew I've only been at CEELI a week now, just long enough to be on the website, and already my trash-talking is getting me in trouble. Not bad trouble, but I had to work to hard keep my...

America, August 9, 2004

I Love My New Job

Cuz there, they know I'm cool The Fashionistas Thanks Yana! My poster The Moscow flag Back in June, decked out in high summer fashion, my friend Yana and I were headed to a barbeque. Her man of the week, the Great Black Hope (GBH), was grilling up a storm and...

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America, August 2, 2004

Bye Bye Wingman

We were the mac-daddy mojo duo Street Matt P Club Matt P Bye Matt P I had a friend, Matt P we'll call him, who was a treasure for me to find right after Jingmei and I separated. Fresh from his own divorce, we quickly bonded with all the heartbreak...

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America, July 26, 2004

Its Moving Time Again

Ya know, I've grown to hate moving day Look familiar? Better than this! After three years in Dupont Circle, I'm headed back north again. Not to far, mind you, only a mile or so, but a world away from where I am now. I am leaving the expensive flatlands of...

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America, July 19, 2004

Flip-Cupping Grandma

And I'll dump a pitcher of ass whooping on you too! You ready for this? Cheers Grandma! Now chug it baby! It summertime in Washington, DC and that can mean only one thing: another year of kickball on the National Mall. Yes, I'm back at it again, for the third...

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America, July 10, 2004

An El Paso Pool Party

Don't forget your sense of humor! Reload/refresh for new photos Splash!Now it's a pool party, cuz here I am in the pool, fully clothed, with my new digital camera and swank cell phone getting soaked by the second. I jump out as fast as I can but both are on...

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America, July 6, 2004

Back to The Farm I Go

Now Green Acres this ain't Annabel runs the show The ladies keep us in check And Tom keeps it green This is an odd farm to me. While its definitely in family stories and such, my Mom never lived here. No, she grew up in the woodlands near Houston, not...

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America, July 4, 2004

A Fast and Furious Fourth of July

Like you could come close to catching us! George and I are ready! Zippy on the bike Happy to finish For the second time this year, I'm doing my dying chicken swim in a pond of dubious dark water. At least this time I am prepared for the claustrophobia of...

America, July 1, 2004

Who Are You and Are We Related?

Do you have the blood of Giuseppe Vota in ya? Relatives: Twisted Solution A: Slip n' Slide Solution B: Solo Shots Solution C: Group Photos While my nuclear family is small, now with just Mom and me, both my folks came from big families. My Dad had four siblings and...

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America, June 26, 2004

Grilling with Mom

The only way to really enjoy a Saturday Yeah, I had fun! Sequits and Mom Samosa Smugglers White Girl Central A random photo Stretching along both sides of the Potomac River in Washington DC, is the C&O Canal National Park. Once a shipping canal stretching to Ohio, the C&O Canal...

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America, June 25, 2004

Raku is Crapu

Cuz the service stinks like poo poo Nicole hates Raku They're not fans either I'd even go here first Naw, I'd rather cook There is a restaurant in Dupont Circle that I pass often call Raku - An Asian Diner. Every time I see it, I wanna like the place....

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America, June 19, 2004

Its Time to Run Against Bush

And keep running all the way to November Off to a good start We pass our biggest fan The DC crew An admiring fan Usually I am not the political type. I'm not one to get into heated arguments about government policy or judicial rulings. I try very hard, in...

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America, June 11, 2004

Will Gmail Change Your Life?

While I stand in line at 6am I sure hope so! Before Gmail After Gmail Now if you wander over to eBay and check out the auction scene, you'd think that Gmail was a secret elixir for eternal life the way its being snatched up. Over 2,500 invites are for...

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America, June 6, 2004

8th Annual Cape May Triathlon

I earned the right to be called a triathlete Best Prep: Beer & Burgers Pre-race mulling Hey, wait for me! Where are my shorts? Now I'm warm And hungry too In power-sprint mode 91 minutes rocks! Its 7:30am on a Sunday and I am staring at Lake Nummy in New...

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America, June 1, 2004

The Ukranians Are Coming!

Thankfully, they don't party like the Russians Privet everyone! Devushki always get roses Ukrainians come in peace Real 'biznesman' Whatcha writing Roma? Click on this photo! Now what would you do? What would you do if you had to entertain ten Ukrainians in Washington DC for four days in early...

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America, May 29, 2004

Rob's Madrid Living - Part II

It's 75 degrees and I neglected to pack my winter parka I'd want a coat too! That sweater - very Euro Ladies... need a coat? Is Toledo warmer? Editor's Note: My friend Rob is in Madrid this summer studying law at a Spanish University and is sharing his interesting interpretation...

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America, May 26, 2004

Know When to Fold 'Em

No shows, no stars, still all fun In Red Or White I won an Eiffel tower I'm walking on downtown Vegas's Fremont Street and the 'Experience' is stopping me in my tracks. On the underside of a giant awning spanning four city blocks is a light show like no other...

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America, May 25, 2004

Even Fools Get Lucky in Vegas

What? I won? Yeah, I won! Follow me, fools! Spinning is winning Yeah, you would laugh 10:28am Pacific Time They congregate at the edge, milling about and uttering odd noises. They wait for a sign, not a leader to cross, as me they will not follow. No, it must be...

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America, May 24, 2004

Give Me Six the Hard Way

Dawn to dusk, I be making bank in Vegas! The Sphinx never sweats Take my wealth Gimme da bling, bling! I can handle it! 6:18am Pacific Time It's early here, just past sun-up, and I'm headed out for a run because even though I'm in Vegas, I'm still in triathlon...

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America, May 21, 2004

Vegas, Baby, Vegas!

I double down or hold with two aces? Before: Poor, Wears Shirt After: Broke, Cooks Naked Its another beautiful afternoon in DC and I just received yet another beautiful rejection letter. With just the right mix of apology, future hope, yet firm 'No' I can almost feel good about it....

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Rob's Madrid Living - Part I

How many bathroom fixture stores can a city support? In Rob's Dreams An Open Sign Civil Law A Clean Bathroom Editor's Note: My friend Rob is in Madrid this summer studying law at a Spanish University and is sharing his interesting interpretation of Spanish life with me. Life in Madridby...

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America, May 4, 2004

Rev It Up Weekend

It's all about the zoom-zoom The best part: hairnets Karen: ready to race Zoom! Zoom! From the Beltway turnoff, we could hear tires screeching, we could smell the burnt rubber, and we could feel our hearts racing. We were close. Very close, and about to experience one of the joys...

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America, April 26, 2004

Taste the Sweat, I'm in Training

Even if I have to crawl, I will finish! A Georgetown 10K: Easy Look Ma! No hands! Now that spring is officially here, and after a weekend in Vero, I am tan, it is time for me to get this soft body in shape. Unlike Dad, who ran a marathon...

America, April 19, 2004

Prom Night 2004 - The Same as Before

Did you have a fat Elvis at yours? Surrounded by beauty And Elvis?! Do you remember your prom night? Can you recall, though the fog of time and memory why that night seemed so special then? Or why you've repressed the memory since? Saturday night I had a refresher course...

America, April 1, 2004

I'm Gonna Work for Google!

Yeah Baby! I am back in the big leagues now! Swank Offices The math is a little daunting Now you know I've been looking long and hard for a job, a good job in Washington DC where I can apply my background in finance and technology to help domestic and/or...

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America, March 29, 2004

Masters Murphy of Pinewood Derby

So fast not even SpongeBob or No 2 Pencil can catch them. Here they come! There they go! The Masters Murphy It is a humble house, there on Wakefield Drive, a house you would not think could be the home of a dynasty. It's a simple dwelling, not much more...

America, March 22, 2004

I Won the South African Lottery!

And I Bet That I am the Only One Too! Am I this lucky, Emi? Did I really win? From: Subject: ++++ CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!ATT: SIR/MADAM,FINAL NOTICE OF AWARD NOTIFICATION We are pleased to inform you of the announcement today, 22nd March, 2004, of winners of the FLASH FORTUNE LOTTO...

America, March 15, 2004

Sixteenth Annual St Patrick's Day 10K

Do you ever follow a pink ass? Do you see Lauren? They sure do! And so can you Wow! This is so beautiful. Here I am, in a crowd of 5,000, all of us running down Pennsylvania Avenue, and I am doing what I do best. I am following the...

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America, March 10, 2004

What Y'all Been Waiting For

It's called the v3.0 upgrade Yep, working hard And not alone Brings Success Way back in 1997, when I started this website, posting regular entries wasn't called blogging. Back then, when we were hand-coding our HTML, it was called an online journal and mine, which is preserved here, was as...

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America, March 8, 2004

Patio Party Time

It's a Friday night in DC and I'm in full effect. With my friends backing me up, I've chatted two women to the point of slipping 'em my card. Then I fondled the chest hair of someone's boyfriend & even charmed a table of lesbians. Nice work four or maybe five vodka tonics into the night.

And I'll not stop here. No, we'll take the party from Trio to the Big Hunt, where I'll sip a beer as I get shot down by yet another beauty.

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America, February 9, 2004

Yep! Twenty-Nine for the Third Time

I swear! I am still 29 this year! And a hot 29x3 too! FRIENDS DROP AREA MAN BECAUSE HE GETS OLD UNCONVENTIONALLYWASHINGTON, DC- Friends and family of Wayan Vota, a Dupont Circle resident, are deserting their lifelong bonds with him in droves as his February 9, 2004 birthday approaches."Wayan was...

America, January 19, 2004

Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival

MMM! Frog Legs taste better than chicken! Mom liked 'em! So did Rylie! It's a Saturday night and Mom and I are here in Fellsmere, FL, a little hick-town growing out of the swamps through agriculture and as it grows up, its setting records. Frog leg records that is, as...

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America, January 5, 2004

So... Where Are You From?

Sell it! Sell it all! Am I really rootless? Or just overpacked? 'Where are you from?'This question has always given me pause. Why do people ask it? Do they want to know where I was born? Or where I grew up? Or where I live now? Will this somehow allow...

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America, January 1, 2004

The Great New Year's Day Yard Sale

Sell it! Sell it all! Wanna buy this nice router? Yeah, Cow-print is all you! All night, we prepared for it. We dug throughout the house to find what we needed, checking everywhere for supplies. Then, when the sun first rose, we started organizing it all. And by mid-morning we...